5 Tips To Use Google AdWords Effectively

In the competitive internet business world surrounding Google AdWords, it is vital that you take advantage of any marketing strategies that can help you to see a higher return on your investment. As an excellent method of earning a passive income, Google AdWords has the potential of being an income goldmine if you can manage your campaigns effectively and efficiently. The following five AdWords techniques that will help you in using Google AdWords can help set you on the path to seeing success with your advertising campaigns.

1. Opt For Moderate Results In Lieu Of Massive Results
When you are doing your keyword research, you should pay attention to those that have yielded fewer searches than the most popular or commonly used key words.
For example: If your key phrase is “fruit growers” you may find that there are over 50,000 searches for that phrase within a week; however, by restricting your key phrase to exact results only and opting for “certified fruit growers in Miami” you may find that there are only 5,000 searches.

It may seem like it is a no-brainer to opt for the higher searched key phrase but what you should actually opt for is to select the key phrase with the lower number of searches simply because it will provide you with a much more targeted audience.

2. Efficient Advertisements
Try to keep your ads informative, detailed, enticing, and short! Instead of using the word “and”, consider using an ampersand – & – as it takes up less space within your advertisement. Avoid using popular internet colloquiums that simply do not have a place within a professional advertisement.

3. Continual Marketing Strategies
Even if you are seeing outstanding results with your current Google AdWords campaigns, you should take the time and make the effort to work on the continuous experimentation of your campaigns in order to work towards the increase in traffic and positive business sales. There is a certain level of trial and error involved when searching out the methods of ensuring the best CTR’s. Do not allow yourself to become complacent and simply assume that your campaigns will work without input from you; your competitors are constantly trying to outdo you, do not let them!

4. Relevant Content
Your landing pages should have solidly written content that is informative and relevant to the products and services that you are representing. Avoid the temptation to bog your landing pages down with heavy graphics, irrelevant content, or over-pitchy sales material. If you are going to provide links to other sites or offered products and services, you should do so in a manner that is organic, flows naturally, and avoids the appearance of an obviously sales driven website. Web consumers are well-informed shoppers and can readily identify the websites that will be able to meet their purchasing needs.

5. Include Cost Comparisons in Your Targeted Advertisements
Many marketing strategists will tell you that it not a good idea to use product costs or cost comparisons within your advertisements; however, doing so can actually prove to be a beneficial move for a well-informed Google AdWords campaigner.

– If your product is a highly competitive item that consumers tend to run cost comparisons on before purchasing, then having an honest cost listed in your ad will help to drive additional consumer traffic to your website.

– If your business competitors do not list prices then you should absolutely do so, especially if your pricing structure is at a much more competitive rate than theirs is.

The above Google AdWords techniques will not only help you to increase your click-thru rates but also help you to convert your CTR’s into new and positive sales results and generate nice passive income online!

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