6 Reasons Why Blog Titles Are So Important For Your Blog?

A famous quote from Shakespeare tells us:

What’s in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

This quote is true in case of Rose but in the world of blogging, it holds a different meaning. Actually, in blogging world name means quite a lot. Sometimes it can be the difference between having your blog post go viral and not getting any traction at all. The main purpose of title is to attract the readers and convincing them to start reading your post. Thus, titles play a vital role in determining the degree of success of your blog post.

Successful posts are the ones that have great and thoughtful titles. If the title does not convince and generate curiosity to read, then it is highly likely that the reader will leave the blog and go elsewhere. A blog title is the best marketing tool a blogger can have. If it is good enough, the blog post will sell by itself. Always remember that first impression is the best impression. Title will be the first thing blog visitors will read and you need to make it as interesting a possible.

Reasons Why Blog Titles Are So Important?

1. You need to grab attention in 10 seconds
As a blogger, it is very important to grab attention of reader. First 10 seconds play very crucial role in determining whether the reader will stay on your blog post or go elsewhere to find the information. Without a great title, your blog post will have a high bounce rate. Higher the bounce rate of an article lesser is the effectiveness. As a blogger, you should spend at least 10 minutes to research best title for the post. You can use Headline Analyser Tool to find out effectiveness of your title. A score in the green zone would mean that you blog title is great. A score in the yellow zone would mean that your blog title is good but not great. A score in the red zone means that you need to improve effectiveness of your blog title.

2. It gives readers a capsule of your content
Titles need to be as precise as possible. Broader titles fail to give an idea about the post. Titles are indeed a summary of your blog post described in 10 words or less, although it can be more than 10 words in certain cases. Great posts often get unnoticed because of the choice of incorrect titles.

3. Get traffic from search engines
Blog titles are very important tool in order to get search engine traffic. The search engines will list results based on the titles and keywords. Most often people will click on results matching the search query and not necessarily the top results. Two of my favorite tools for keywords research are Adwords keywords planner and Keyword Tool .Both tools are free to use and give a good idea about the keywords one must target for their website.

4. Write for your readers
Most of the readers like to read blog posts that they can themselves relate to in some form or another. Writing titles that implies only your opinion and does not force the reader to imply the same elsewhere will reduce the impact of the title. Most successful blog posts will compel the readers to take some action after reading the blog post. Readers will like post titles that contain words like ‘You’, ‘Your’ and so on.

5. Create excitement among the readers
All of us read new articles daily. There are some articles with titles so compelling that you cannot resist but to click on the title and read the article. If the content of the article is as compelling as the title itself then readers share it and the article goes viral. The key to success is to make the titles irresistible for the readers.

6. Controversial titles do well
Readers are always inclined towards exciting blog posts. Controversial titles coupled with great content become viral instantaneously. Again, one should not make a habit to write controversial titles for every blog post. There is a chance that controversy can backfire as well. So keeping it balanced is the correct way to handle it.

Learning the art of writing great articles takes time. If you have good number of blog posts, you can do some research on the blog titles. In general, blog posts that do well will have a call of action or duty from the readers. You must incorporate the same style while writing titles for your future posts to get more success.

How often do you research blog titles? What are the techniques you use while writing titles? I would be glad if you can share your experience with other readers through comments on this post.

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  • I’m actually amazed at how many bloggers give so little attention to their titles. Many titles don’t even give a reader an idea of what kind of content to expect, let alone generate any interest. If I go to share such a post, I have to add some words to generate interest because the authors didn’t do their homework. Many people will just not bother sharing it.

  • I follow the rule so using keywords at the beginning of the title if possible and using How Why How to, Tips or using 6 Way which seems to catch attention at least that is something i have read many times and it gets me interested.

  • The fact that bloggers don’t put a lot of emphasis on headlines and on meta descriptions gives us an opportunity to really stand out and get the clocks.

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