9 Ways To Increase Your AdSense Earnings Quickly

AdSense is and will be the first choice for all small and big publishers. The popularity of AdSense extends from the fact that it is easy to set up and does not require you to invest any amount whatsoever. Many bloggers are able to leave their full time jobs and take up blogging as a full time profession. The main source of income for majority of these bloggers is from AdSense. Everyone who has a blog or website is eligible for AdSense program. One can make huge amount from AdSense depending upon the amount of traffic, number of clicks and niche.

Making money with AdSense is extremely easy. If you are struggling to make decent amount from AdSense, you can try the following things in order to multiply your AdSense earnings in less than 30 days.

1. Add it to high traffic websites.
It is a no brainier, adding it to high traffic websites will help you get more clicks on your ads and thus make more money. In addition, sites that receive high traffic are served with expensive ads which help you earn more per click as a publisher. Even if you sell ads directly on your website, it is better if you can place at least a block of AdSense code on your website. Some webmasters have reported that their AdSense earnings have increased by as high as 70% after placing AdSense along with regular ads.

2. Add it to small websites.
There are many webmasters using this method. Earning from an individual website that receives very little traffic is very less but when you combine several hundreds of such websites then the numbers can be quite outstanding and effective. Earnings potential of small websites is always underrated and neglected by webmasters. Even a website with very little traffic has the potential to earn sufficient amount so that you can pay some of your monthly bills.

3. Use Large Block of Ads that are easily visible.
If you want to boost your AdSense earnings and maintain a high CTR you need to use large ad blocks. The best ad blocks that are quite effective and generate a high CTR include 728 X 90 leader board and 338 X 260 rectangle. The other ad blocks do not help to generate sufficient number of clicks even though you place it at hot spots on your blog. The best performing ad block is 728 X 60 when place on top of the header on your blog.

4. Place the ads above fold.
If you want to boost your earnings from AdSense you should give them best possible chance to be seen by your readers. Placing the ads below fold gives you very little chance to generate clicks on your ads because from a recent study it is observed that 90% of the readers do not see the blog content that is below fold. Hence, it is advisable to place your ads above fold on your blog. In addition, you must take care that you do not highlight them unnecessarily as it is against to AdSense TOS and it will result in termination of your AdSense account.

5. Focus on organic traffic.
I have always mentioned on this blog, there is no other traffic that is more targeted and easy to convert as organic traffic. Readers visiting your blog regularly may become ad blind but people visiting your site from search engines may notice your ads easily. Majority of clicks generated from AdSense is from organic visitors who visit the blog for the very first time.

6. Use other variations of AdSense.
You can use other variations of AdSense in order to supplement your earning from AdSense CPC ads. AdSense for search could be one of those options. Besides helping readers find relevant content in your blog archives, it can suggest other sponsored pages and can help you make money from it. The search results are highly targeted and are more generate more clicks as compared to traditional ads.

7. Use section targeting to receive the most relevant ads for your website.
Section targeting is useful particularly if you do not stick to your niche and often write about random topics on your blog. You can use Google section targeting to select the piece of text for which you want Google to crawl and display ads. The problem of irrelevant ads being display on your website is solved using this method.

8. Test with different colors and fonts.
Getting the right combination going for your blog is done by trial and error method. You can experiment with ad placement, sized colors and fonts until you find a combination that is better for your blog and generates enough clicks. In addition, you must change your ad placements and colors after a while in order to avoid your readers becoming blind to the ad placement on your website. It is important that you blend colors of your ads in such a way that they look part of your site’s content instead of looking as ads.

9. Use your ads in revenue sharing forums.
Become member of forums that share AdSense revenue with their members. These forums receive huge traffic and hence placing your ads on these websites will help you earn good money just for participating. There are good number of forums that are around. In addition, few article publishing websites share AdSense revenue generated from ads placed on the publisher’s content.

If you use these tips, you can boost your AdSense earnings in less than 30 days.

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