Acknowledge Your Blog Readers To Build Reputation And Trust

A blog cannot survive without its readers. You need to keep your readers interested in your blog so that they become loyal and keep coming back to your blog on a regular basis. How to interact with your readers and build a long lasting relationship with your readers by giving them personal attention?

You need to thank your readers. While this may sound pretty simple and easy – most of the bloggers (including me) sometimes neglect it. This technique can really help start a two-way communication between a blogger and his readers.

It is not a secret that every reader likes personal attention of the blogger. Providing personal attention to readers will make them regular readers of your blog and spread the word across the people in their network.

The first thing that you as a blogger are required to do is to look at recent comments on your blog. Identify the readers that you do not know personally, send them an email in which you thank them for taking their valuable time to visit your blog and commenting.

While doing so make sure that you leave an appropriate link back to your site in order to let your readers know your identity. If possible, make your email relevant to the comment they have left on your site. You may also include a link to your RSS feed to help them easily subscribe to your blog updates.

If you have a large number of comments on your blog, you can use automated software to thank new readers of your blog but make sure that you email every single one of them. I advise bloggers to add a personal touch while interacting with your readers and avoid use of automated software to send email.

Commenting helps to make and build your reputation
1. There are readers who leave a link back to their site in the comments. A blogger must follow the link and comment back on the blog. It is a nice way to build relationship with your readers.

2. Respond to relevant comments and questions on your blog. Leaving a response to comments on your blog shows that you are easy to approach and open for discussions on your blog. It can help inflate the number of comments on your blog and prove that your blog is an active blog.

If you can devote few minutes to perform this task, you will have over thousands of loyal readers of your blog in a year. It is one of the important things if you are looking to build your readership base without spending money on advertising.

What to do if you have no comments on your blog?
There are many newbie bloggers participating in this exercise who are yet to receive first comment on their blog. Do not lose heart; there is something for you too. You are required to spend 30 minutes visiting other blogs in your niche and leave meaningful comments. The more relevant your comments are better are the chances of blogger to visit and comment back on your blog. If you leave exceptional comments, readers of the blog may want to know more about you and visit your blog.

Last word of advice
If a reader has left a meaningful comment on your blog, extend the relationship further by asking them to write a guest post on your blog. Acknowledging your readers for their contribution will help build long lasting relationships with them.

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  • in the beginning of my blogging i write 3-4 small blog in same website on same day will that effect seo because what i feel as per seo you can only write only one blog per day help me out

  • Hello Neha,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Indeed its very important to know and to build healthy relationship with our readers. They are the only ones who are going to
    make us famous and make us stand on the spot light. They too love to interact with a person who is a humble and fun loving
    person. The one who regularly interacts with their visitors and try to help them out through their knowledge.

    Comment are indeed the backbone of establishing the relationship. A person must respond to their blogs, so that the
    people may think that the guy is active and open for discussion, it leaves a good trade mark behind.

    Yeah there are many bloggers who says they ain’t getting any comments on their blogs, it takes time. Nothing happen with a
    twist of a wand. Commitment is they key and surely it gonna spark.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Hi Shantana,
    I agree so much with every idea you share in this blog post. Responding to readers comment is very important.

    Anytime I leave a comment on someone’s blog, I do take time to go back to see the person’s response to my comment. If a blogger fails to reply my comment, I will consider him unserious.

    On getting people to comment on one’s blog, one need to create time to leave good comments on other people’s blog. It is like sowing and reaping. When you consistently leave comments on other people’s blog, over time, they will start reciprocating by commenting on your blog. That is how it works.

    Blogging can be a lonely journey, but the loneliness becomes more intense when you are not getting any feedback for the effort you are putting in.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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