Amazing Benefits Of Writing A List Post

Readers appreciate a post that contains some kind of list as compared to posts that do not include any list. Most of the popular stories on Bookmarking sites Digg and Reddit follow this style of writing.

Reasons why list posts are popular among readers

1. List posts are short
Or it is supposed to be by most of the readers. A reader does not have time to go through an entire post from start to finish. Hence, it is important for a blogger to present the information in a concise and to the point. Readers do not want to waste their time reading information that is of little or no use to them. List posts gives reader an idea whether he can find an answer to his question in the post or not.

2. Information presented in a structured manner
List post are well structured and blogger highlights important information using bullets or numbering. Most readers scan text very fast and hence, it becomes important to catch the attention of the readers by using different font size or underlining important points in the post. Readers prefer structured posts that are short as opposed to posts that are large and requires a reader to scan through the paragraphs for information of his interest.

3. The titles are catchy
Readers prefer post titles that catch their attention very easily. Something similar to “10 ways to ………….” or “8 reasons to …………” catch the attention of the reader easily and hence are re tweeted many times. A list post gives a brief idea about your post content and hence it helps reduce your bounce rate.

4. List posts are easy to read quickly
List post help readers collect information quickly from a post. Instead of reading with vigour, you can scan through a post fast in order to gather information of your interest.

5. List post are visually pleasing
List posts are very pleasing to the reader and simulate reading as opposed to a messy & ill structured post.

6. List posts can be exhaustive
List posts can help a blogger express all the ideas on a particular topic. List can be exhaustive and comprehensive as any other form of writing.

7. Lists are easy to read and write
List break your main idea into smaller chunks. It is good for both reader as well as blogger as it gives you freedom to express your ideas the way you want.

8. Lists can go viral
List posts can go viral especially the ones which involves readers to think about the topic. All the major stories on social networking sites contain lists in one form or the other.

Write a post that contains some sort of list in it. You are required to prepare a list of ideas beforehand. Make your post as exhaustive as you can. Be sure to drop your link in the comment section for others to see and go through it.

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