Are There Any Blogging Rules?

Today I was on twitter. To be honest I like twitter. It is my number one social network. It is a place where bloggers and entrepreneurs hang out and these people honestly offer advice to newbies without holding anything back. Today a tweet really caught my eye. This tweet was really from a blogger who was somehow angry for being told that there are rules to be followed in blogging. I will quote the tweet here:

“You’re not a blogger if you do this” “you are not a blogger if you do that” shut up man and let people do their own thing, bloody hell!

If you would like to read this tweet directly here is the link to it.

This had me thinking real hard.

Are there any rules to blogging?

I sat down and held my chin and stared into space deep in thought.

Then finally I came up with the answer.

Yes, there are rules to blogging. I don’t care what you think or what anyone thinks about this.

If you are in this thing that we call blogging in order to make some cash from it, then like it or hate it there are rules that you will have to follow.

So, if there are rules, what are these rules? Every blogger would like to know, right?

Blogging rules to follow and succeed


In short, you have got to stop firing in all directions, find a niche and stick with it. That way you will be sure to establish your credibility in the niche that you decide to get involved in. You will be sure to attract a loyal readership who will be visiting your blog because their sole interest is in that niche that you write about.

When you are being involved in a specific niche monetizing your blog will become as easy as eating an ice cream on a hot Saturday.

You can easily create an e-course and find clients. You can create an e-book and get buyers. The reason is simple. People who visit your site are interested in solving problems that are totally related to the things that you write about.

Consider this scenario. You decide to mix up niches by assuming that you will not be following any rules. Then you decide that you want to create a product and sell it to your audience. You will have questions that will lack answers:

1. Will I create an eBook that is targeted to the vegetarian people who visit my site because I write about veganism or do I write to those people who visit this site to learn about make up because I also write about this too?

2. Will I create an e-course that target the people that come to this site because they are interested in parenting or do I create an e-course for those people who visit to learn about dogs because that is on my site too?

3. I want to join affiliate marketing. My site lacks focus, so what products do I choose to promote on my website?

Do you see the picture here?

If you fire up in all directions and try to write articles for each and every one of the 7.5 billion people on earth, you will be just another mediocre blogger who just started a mediocre blog that lacks direction.

Here are two blog posts that cover this area of niche finding and niche writing:

1. How to find your niche

2. How to write for a niche audience

Read those two and they will provide you with a perfect idea of how to find your niche and why you need a niche.


It’s not once or twice that an established blogger has given me this advice.

But you know what?

I never heeded this advice. I thought I could post whenever I wanted and get away with it.

Sure, I was getting away with it until the day I decided to try and follow this simple rule.

And do you know what actually happened?

My readership increased.

What you need to do is to get yourself together and set a meeting with you. Look at all the hours that you have got in your day (obviously it’s 24?) and how many of those you are willing to dedicate to your blogging career.

I understand you have got a full-time job and kids too. That is why I am encouraging you to be merciful to yourself. Make sure your schedule allows you to attend to your all other daily chores.

I get you are busy and might need a reminder. You could use a wordpress calendar plugin.


Come on. Are you even a blogger when you know that you blog can just disappear any time just because you violated some rules and policies that you did not even know that they existed?

Are you a real blogger when you know that your blog lives on some host server that you don’t own?

If the owner of that server decides that enough is enough and decides to close all blogs on his server, what would you do after having wasted all those hours creating blog posts and finding them gone without even the slightest warning?


Yeah, I said it. Blogging, you will thrive when you engage and combine your efforts with your readers and other influential bloggers.

If you don’t guest post and you are new to blogging, how do you think you will get readers to know that you exist?

If you don’t really listen to your audience, how will you know what they want you to write about?

Don’t try and be a lone wolf just because you believe that there are no rules to blogging. It will work against you. And that sucks.

Ask any other real blogger.


You know it. Divorce is everywhere. Why? When you have been married to the same guy for years on edge it reaches a point where you feel like throwing up when the same guy walks through the door like every night and brings with him the same boring cologne.

That is the same with this thing that they named blogging. When you have been seeing the same idea over and over again, you won’t consider reading that article at all.

That is why bloggers need to make sure that their blogs possess some kind of unique traits that will make it interesting to the readers enough such that they will be willing to pay attention.

Here is the blog post that will guide you on this:


People come to that blog of yours to learn and solve their own problems.

Nobody will ever click on a link that promises a solution to their problem in order to go and read fluff. Fluff they wouldn’t care about in the long run.

That is why you will find successful bloggers focus on not trying to waste their reader’s time by giving them bullshit about this all that which does not contribute to the message they are trying to get across.

Give whatever you want to give to your audience straight. Don’t beat around the bush and then try to come out in front of the reader and surprise them.

This is blogging. It ain’t hide and seek.


Come on. What are you going to write if you know next to nothing?

How do you change the fact that you know next to nothing if you don’t do it by reading books and learning from the experts who know more than you do?

Nowadays things on the internet are changing faster than I can get home from the dry cleaners.

To make sure that you are on top of this all the time you have to be an information seeker.

An information seeker is a learner.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it is also the thing that keeps bloggers and their blogs alive.


So that is it. The top rules that I follow in my blogging career.

I believe that the reason as to why the twitter user was very angry on the fact there are rules to blogging is the fact people have put up millions of articles out there that contain rules to follow when building a blog such that any newbie who is trying to start a blog feels like his or her head may explode trying to comprehend all these rules.

Be sure to check the above rules but the choice whether to heed them or not is yours. I can’t force you to, not unless, you are 5years old and I am your dad. And the fact is that I am not.

Be sure to let your voice be heard down there in the comments.

Know Your Guest Blogger Better

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  • Hello Mathenge,

    Nice to see you here on Neha’s space 🙂

    Great one over here 🙂

    Indeed there are some basic rules which almost every blogger needs to follow those if they want to get success.

    Yeah its good to be listen our heart and brain but we need to stick to the rules which have been made by the pro.
    Exactly blogging is about community, no body can ever achieve success, if they wish to ignore the community and work in their
    own direction. If one is not having a blogging community then, its very obvious that one is going to fall.

    Its good to be a tortoise in the blogging world, its helps us to examine all the things which are going around us and
    this can help us to learn, learn what others are lacking and what we can add up to spice up our blogs.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Hi Shantanu.

      Thank you for your honest comment.

      Thank you for sharing with me and other bloggers that use this blog to learn what works and what does not work when it comes to blogging.

      Cheers! Rock your blogging.

      Mathenge Maina.

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