Are You Making These Mistakes As A Blogger And Losing Time?

Blogging is not just a profession; it is an art. An art where one has to be disciplined and punctual. As a blogger, time is of prime importance and hence time management should be top priority in the task list. If not careful, one will end up losing lot of time doing unnecessary tasks. Shortage of time at hand will reduce the quality of content posted on your blog.

Majority of newbie bloggers end up wasting their time on things that are not helpful for the blog. While it is necessary to keep in touch with the latest news in your niche, it is advisable not to spend too much time reading other blogs. The more time you can dedicate to your blog, better will be the results. Let us have a look at some of the mistakes bloggers (including me) make during the initial few months as a blogger.

1. Tweaking the blog very often
Majority of the bloggers are guilty of doing it. They are not comfortable with the blog design and keep changing it quite often. Having a professional themed blog is good as a blogger but constantly changing the blog theme and design is not an ideal practice. Moreover, constantly changing the blog design will end up annoying your regular readers and make them lose interest in your blog. Some of the top performing blogs are the ones that have a simplistic blog design and they do not change it too frequently. As a blogger, you can choose any basic template and start the blog. In due course of time as your blog grows popular you can choose professional them or hire a designer to build your blog design.

2. Spending too much time on social media
It is #1 reason because of which bloggers lose their time. Social media is truly the easiest way to get traffic for newbie bloggers. Building links and search engine indexing takes lot of time while traffic from social networks is almost instantaneous. It is good to promote your blog and interact with others but one must not invest too much time doing it. Try to be active on top social networking site and not all social networking sites. While being on social network you should try to comment on not more than 10 blogs in a day. Another good way to get traffic is to request for guest posting on high authority websites. Try to connect to the blog owners through social networking and request guest posts.

3. Analyzing your blog stats multiple times a day
As a newbie blogger, you are excited to know the response of audience towards your blog posts. After publicising every new blog post on social media, bloggers tend to visit Google analytics dashboard to check the response. As a blogger, it is enough to visit the Analytics dashboard once a week to check the blog traffic results. Initially, the results will be discouraging and hence it is best to check the results less frequently. This will save you at least half hour daily. You can use these 30 minutes gained for blogging.

4. SEO and analyzing keywords
SEO works well only for blogs that have good authority in their domain. As a newbie blogger, one must not expect all the blog post to do well in search engine rankings. There is too much emphasis on SEO placed by newbie bloggers. Spending too much time on learning SEO techniques, using excessive keywords in a blog post and failing to rank higher in search engine results will have a negative impact on your ability as a blogger. Try to write posts naturally without thinking too much about SEO will make readers interested in your blog posts and become more popular as a blogger. Complex SEO techniques can be applied when the domain has sufficient number of inbound links in order to gain organic traffic from search engines.

5. Reading other blogs in your niche
As a blogger, you will have a few favourite blogs in your niche. While it is necessary to be aware of the latest trends in your niche, bloggers are guilty of spending too much time on reading their favourite blogs. A Blogger is required to finish his blogging duties first before taking up any other work. Hence, you must finish your responsibilities towards your blog and readers before you visit other blogs to expand your knowledge. As a blogger, you must develop your own style of writing and not copy others. Also, as a blogger you need to be flexible and write as per the need and requirements. Do not spend too much time in following updates from influencers in your niche.

Developing an editorial calendar will help you become more efficient. You must focus on quality of content rather than quantity. Try to give solutions to your readers’ problems and make the difference in their lives. Help others and in turn, they will help you. Blogging is one of the ways you can bring about a change in other people’s lives.

How do you manage your time as a blogger? How often do you check your blog stats? Do you have adequate time to write quality posts on your blog? How often do you write blog posts? Please share your experience with others by commenting on this blog so that we all can improve our efficiency as a blogger.


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