Benefits Of Writing A Mini Series For Bloggers

Getting the readers to come back to your blog frequently is a big challenge. The most tried and tested method to get visitors to comeback to site repeatedly giving them short capsules of information instead of giving them the entire dose at once. Publish a short series of articles on a particular topic. This series can help you to build trust among your readers. After your readers have put faith in you slowly start introducing affiliate links in your posts. In addition, you can increase stickiness by providing links to related articles on your site.

To keep your readers interested in the upcoming posts you can provide a little teaser for what they can expect in your next post. You can use an auto responding service to let your readers know by email when the next post in the series goes live. The shorter the messages the better it is as there are less chances of the message going to the spam folder of the receiver. In addition, it highlights the affiliate links and Google ads in your message.

While blogging is personal choice and one where you do not stick to a definite schedule or plan, it is good if one can manage to put together a definite schedule. Find a topic or story that requires large number of posts to complete. Every post must have an ending that would compel readers to come back and read the next part. Make it as interesting and debatable as possible in order to get your readers to discuss it with you as well as among them.

What to do as a blogger?
Think about a topic that you can cover in a mini-series. Ask your readers about their opinion on the mini-series. If you get a good response, go ahead and plan the posts. These series of posts will give you enough readership as well as regular readers, besides it will give the right platform from where blog can take off to a height of unparalleled success.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Creating mini series for topic could be really fun, if we are giving a superb content then people would be tuned with us to
    know when our next post is hitting on the roads.

    But its better to survey our clients, that whats their opinion if we want to break a post into mini series. If they are
    up for that then its good to hit them with this type of strategy.

    Thanks for the share


    • Thank you Shantanu for your valuable comment. Mini series helps keep people interested in coming back for more. Great tip on surveying the audience about their needs before starting a mini series. This will help you pace your posts and topics better.

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