How To Appear Natural While Doing SEO?

A recent theme in SEO is finding ways to appear natural. Search engines do not want the most optimized sites at the top of the search results. They want the best pages and best sites.

There are only so many things search engines can look at to determine the quality of a website. You can emulate many of them, but as search algorithms advance, it will continue to get more difficult. Inevitably, influencing people directly(instead of going after the algorithms) is going to have a higher ROI for many webmasters.

How do you create a natural linkage profile? Create something that lots of people link to without you needing to ask them. Build a real brand that will get people’s attention.

How do you write optimized content? Make the page title clear and then write content remarkable enough that people will want to reference it.

Social Considerations

No matter how smart you are, it is going to be hard to emulate a natural link profile if you manually build it all. Going forward, the key to doing well in Google is earning natural citations. If you didn’t own your site, would you still visit it every week? What can you do to grab bloggers’ attention? What can you do to make some of your competitors want to link to your site without you needing to ask for the links?

Closing Tips

The web is nothing but a big social network. No matter what your goals are, SEO can help you get therefrom the start. But at some point, it will be necessary for you to find ways to get other people to want to syndicate your ideas. It’s kind of like, “With public sentiment, nothing can fail.Without it, nothing can succeed.”

Most successful web-based businesses do not need to actively practice SEO. Optimizing for search engines does help improve the bottom line and help get you found, but after you are found, it is up to you to convert. It is up to you how hard and creatively you work to develop your business and reputation.

As mentioned before, the web is a big social network, and it gives quick feedback. Do not be afraid to read from, and learn from, competitors and people in other fields. Do not be afraid to participate in it. That is how you really learn. If you never make a mistake and never screw up badly, then you probably won’t do too many spectacular things either.

Search engines try to emulate users who are largely driven by the social connections off the web. Create friendships and get media coverage and you win.

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