How To Attract Readers For The First Time?

It is a million dollar question, isn’t it? If you are an ordinary blogger like me and not a celebrity, chances are that you would be asking yourself the exact same question several times a day. Day in day out you post great content but there are not enough readers for it. As a blogger, you should attempt the following activities in order to attract readers for the first time on your blog.

1. Social Networking
Social Networking websites are gaining more importance as a source of traffic as compared to traditional traffic sources like search engines. Facebook has the largest user base among all social networking websites and continues to be #1 traffic source for most of the bloggers. Try to create a Facebook Fan page or Group and attract people with similar interest to subscribe to it. Twitter can be a great source of traffic if handled properly. Your profile bio and picture show be as professional looking as possible. You can follow up to a maximum of 5000 people on Twitter if you are a new user. Try to follow people in your niche and send them a Direct Message introducing yourself and your blog. Most of the people on Twitter will follow you back.

Sharing interesting content with your followers will help you build reputation and in turn increase your presence, as more people are likely to follow you. Try not to focus on too many social networking websites at a time, as it may be time consuming. Limit the number of social networking profiles to a maximum of five to be efficient and effective. There are number of automation tools available that will let you post updates on social networks at once.

2. SEO and keywords
Because of lack of knowledge and understanding about Search Engine Optimization, most bloggers fail to get search engine traffic initially. While promotional messages may help you to some extent, it is necessary to focus on organic traffic from search engines. Link backs to your website from other sites will help your blog become more reliable source for search engines. Linking from social bookmarking sites Digg, Reddit, Pinterest etc. can help as most of the social bookmarking sites have a very high rating from Google Search engine. Rankings of sites competing for same keywords depends upon the number of inbound links they attract.

3. Online Discussion Forums
Always stick to a particular niche as a blogger. It will help you gain credibility faster and have lesser completion to overcome. As a niche blogger, you can search for communities in your niche in order to connect with people of similar interest. You can participate in forums and discussions to offer genuine help to others. It will help you build authority and business contacts. Often forums will allow you to add a link to your blog in the signature field. Thus, people after reading your helpful posts and comments in a forum may be compelled to know more about you and visit your blog. Make sure you do not spam the forum and keep writing posts about yourself and your blog only as it can work in a negative way. Try to work slowly and reply only to posts relevant to you.

4. Offer Freebies
One of the tricks that new online marketers use is asking new readers to sign up using email and offer freebies for downloads. Try to make more people aware of the freebies you are offering them when they visit your website. Ask other people to share the news about the free offers on your blog. We all love freebies especially when we are required to provide email to be able to get them.

5. Organize contests or workshops
Organizing contests is one of the easiest way to get surge in traffic to your blog. Most of us are competitive in nature and winning comes naturally to us. Winning the contest would give us a sense of achievement coupled with the benefit of earning a prize. Organize workshops in order to help people get better at something. Advertise about the workshop everywhere you go so that maximum people become aware and join for it. Workshops bring like-minded people together and focus on particular task as a team. This will help them overcome their shortcomings and learn quickly. You can expand your communities by organizing workshops frequently.

6. Write for your readers
Blogging is as a direct form of communication between you and your readers. Try to be more direct and loyal towards the readers. As a blogger, you will gain more respect if you can connect to you readers and be available for them when they need it. Make your readers believe that they are very important for you. This style of writing works well with most of the audience and is more likely to make them become loyal to your blog in the end.

7. Guest posts
Writing a guest post on another blog is one of the best methods to get back links and traffic to your blog. As a new blogger, it will be very difficult to write guest post for top blog sites. You should approach to authors of all the top blogs in your niche through email. Show them a piece of your work and brief them what is your offer. There is chance that if they like your sample article, they may provide you with an opportunity to write the guest blog post on their blog. Please make sure you write one of your best blog posts and avoid any grammatical mistakes as it may reduce your chances to write for them again in future.

8. Advertising Campaigns
If you can afford to spend some funds for advertising initially then you can get new readers to your blog easily. If your blog has quality content then readers will subscribe and come back again to read future posts. There are several advertising options available to the new users. Twitter, Facebook and Google have different forms of advertisement. You should choose the option that is best suited to get targeted traffic and use methods to turn them into loyal readers.

Success or failure depends on your attitude and attentiveness as a blogger. If you are persistent, then you will achieve the success you had always wanted. With time, you will build good relationships and your blog will start to bear fruits of hard work. Love what you do and do what you love. Happy Blogging!

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  • Well, this was helpful too…thanks lots

  • Great post. Keywords are likely to drive the most traffic to your blog. we can use keywords in our blog post title, alt tag etc. Also Guest blogging which is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, authority, and links. such a informative post which is definitely very useful.
    Well explained..! Thanks for sharing.


  • Insightful article, well presented and eloquently expressed.

  • Great tips! What social networking sites do you find to be most helpful in attracting real readers outside of your existing network of friends/family/colleagues? We get most of our hits from Facebook, but it’s mostly friends and family. We do have a growing following on Twitter, but 90% or so of our followers seem to just be other bloggers who just want us to follow them back and have no vested interest in the content we’re actually producing.

  • While it may be true that most followers just want a follow back, some do actually visit each other and comment. I have found this to be another useful way to get traffic. Twitter seems to work best for me. Try out Quora too

  • What social media network and seo plugin you use? If you have a post with review that will help others.

  • Yay! I use this! I have been blogging for more than 5 years now but I have fewer traffic still 🙂 Hopefully someday. Thanks for the tips!

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