How To Avoid Mistakes In Your Blog Posts?

I must admit that English is not my first language and I am sure it would be the case with most of you. When I started my spelling and Grammar were not the one that I can be proud of, I have been embarrassed a few times in the past because of this. Therefore, I promised myself that I would improve it to a level that I can be comfortable using it either at home or outside. I would not be feeling shy when discussing something with others in English. English was not my first language in High School and I have agitated my teachers many times by my usage of English language. I had been poor when it came to using English during conversation with others. Almost all of my friends had superior English skills as compared to me. It seems weird that I am using the same language to express myself that had let me down several times previously.

So how do you proofread your blog with the limited skills you have?

I normally write my posts in MS Word because it has a built in spell checker. I check my sentences twice or thrice to make sure that the grammar is perfect. MS Word does a good job of checking the spelling and grammar but it cannot account for improper punctuation’s and misplaced words. There are various other tools that are available these days that you can use to check that everything is in order before hitting the publish button. It would be safe to say that nobody is perfect in this world, but to present yourself as a professional you need to minimize your mistakes to a level where it is acceptable by all.

If you are a WordPress blogger, you can use the save and continue feature that is available in it. This feature allows you to preview the post before publishing. This feature is now also available with Blogger. It makes the task a whole lot easier. I preview my blog using the preview feature before publishing it live. Read the blog as many times as you can so that you are sure that it is free from any mistakes that may occur otherwise.

What one must pay attention to is the flow of your ideas in the article or Blog. It should always build up to something substantial. Jumping back and forth with your ideas would take away the essence of reading, the readers are not sure what to expect next. Taking away redundant words or sentences would help you keep your article clean and save the time of your audience. Write a blog and rewrite until you feel that you have expressed your ideas with the minimal amount of words that you can use without missing vital information.

What to do when you spot a mistake after publishing your article?

There is no need to panic, as soon as you spot a mistake fix it there and then. Do not feel bad when one of your reader points out a mistake in your blog through his comment. Making the correction pointed out to you and thanking the person who has pointed that out to you is the right way to go about it.

Finally, to round it all up, you do not need to have perfect English to be successful in this world. Only thing you must keep in mind is how well you can get your point across your audience without confusing them. If you still feel that your English is not up to the mark, why not consider joining an English Learning Institute in your locality.

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