How To Be On Front Page Of Social Bookmarking Websites?

As most of us who have been blogging for some time might have noticed that writing a popular post brings you more traffic and links as compared to the regular content you pump up in a month. I will share some tips to that will help you write your most popular post. I will share all the tips that you can use to write a post that your readers will appreciate. One important thing to remember here is that strategies to write a popular post varies from blog to blog and from niche to niche but the basic idea remains the same, that is to understand the nerve of your niche audience and feed them with what they need.

If you follow the steps that I tell you to, I am sure you can write a post that will hit the front page of social bookmarking websites very soon.

Step # 1: Give a thought to your post
Never hastily try to write a post for the sake of writing. A post will never succeed unless it fulfils the need of people, and that too very effectively. Try to look around for posts in your niche, and gauge from the comments what are the needs of the audience and if you can do something that will help the readers. What is the kind of stuff your niche needs but nobody has until date delivered? Can you deliver the resourceful stuff that is easy to understand? People should not feel that they are reading a book; they should feel that they are talking to a real person. The more resourceful and important your post is the more readers it will attract.

Step # 2: Give time while writing your post
You need to give time while writing a post, if you work on something for long hours more often than not it will be good. If you give more time, you are sure that you do not miss any important details in your post, you can refine and re frame your post and make it into a very valuable one for your readers. Be creative and crafty in your post and it will show by way of traffic and backlinks to that post.

Step # 3: Use Proper Formatting for your post
These days blogger depend more on social media instead of search engines for getting traffic to their blogs. The traffic from social media is very demanding, nothing less than best will do it for them. Use proper formatting to emphasize certain important highlights of your post. Make it as interesting as possible by adding funny jokes or pieces of advice. Stress on the highlights of your post by choosing proper formatting to make them stand out.

Step # 4: Select the best headline
This is one of the most important factor determining the popularity of the post and the most neglected one. A poor headline will not generate interest and chances are that reader will not go through your post after reading such a headline. Make the headline as catchy as possible to attract the attention of the visitors and make them stay on your blog for longer than just reading the headline.

Step # 5: Give more value to your post than normal
Most of the readers do not have to go through the content completely. Give your readers more than they have asked for, this will make them bookmark and comeback later for more. So do not just stop at 2 or 3 why not give your readers 10, 20 or may be 50 tips. The more the better it is.

Step # 6: Add images to make your post more noticeable
It is a fact that posts with images are more popular than posts with just plain text, so go ahead and add some images and a bit of flash to your post now to make it more interesting. Your images should speak about the content to make your post more successful as surfers do not have time these days to read long posts.

Step # 7: Use less to tell more
Readers these days are not interested in knowing the history, they just wants facts. You need to use only the minimum number of words to put your idea across your readers. If you still want to persist and write an introduction for your post, make your reader understand purpose of your post and why he should continue reading your post. If a reader is spending his time reading your post, he should get something useful in return. What a reader gets for paying attention to your post is what a blogger should care about most.

Step # 8: Link to other blogs in your posts
The best and the easiest way to draw attention of a fellow blogger towards you blog is by linking to their blog. Be generous with your outbound links if you want to get some inbound links to your site. Linking is good since it helps in exchanging traffic from each other’s blogs.

Step # 9: Use your social network to make your post popular
All of us want others to Digg, Stumble or bookmark our post so that it becomes popular and hits the front page of that particular social network. Sitting back and hoping that it will happen automatically will not work. Your readers like you ask them to vote for you or Digg or Stumble your post, there is nothing wrong with asking your readers and they will more often than not oblige to your request. All you need to do is get the dice rolling and everything will follow.

Step # 10: Get idea from what has been popular before
Analyse the popular post and find out the reason why they have been so popular. What was the important thing that made them popular? What was different in them from other posts on the same topic that made them popular? Use these to write your popular post.

Therefore, I ask the readers of this post to go ahead and write a post that hits the front page of social bookmarking websites. I wish best of luck to all the readers for coming up with a story that goes viral soon.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Important piece of information over here 🙂

    Indeed every body wants to be there on the front page in this online world. People want that their web site and blogs should
    rank better in the SEO rankings.

    These are some very helpful tips which can help us to get us one the front page of social bookmarking web site.

    Social network can be very helpful in making our self and our site popular in the world. If we target the right people
    to whom we can please with our writing and products then there is definitely a win win situation for us.

    Thanks for the share.


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