How To Blog Peacefully As A Blogger?

Blogger burnouts are becoming more common these days due to the pressure of blogging regularly and high demands from the readers. A tale tell sign of the bloggers burnout is the change in the pattern of posting, noticeably reduction in the posting frequency. Blogging is supposed to be a fun activity and not a burdening job. So how do you reduce pressure on yourself and blog peacefully?

1. Post only when you strike an idea which is useful for your readers
Post only when a thought crosses your mind and you believe it is necessary to share with your readers. Unless someone pays you to write blog posts, it is better to limit the number of posts and share only useful information with others. I have seen many bloggers setting a target of 25 blog posts each day and eventually not being able to cope up with the posting pattern for a long time. There is a difference between providing useful information and burdening your readers with huge amount of insignificant information. You need to create something of value to your readers and not an overdose of information. Write for the readers and not money, clicks on advertisements and sales will increase eventually. Quality of content wins over quantity of content. Whenever in doubt take a break. No reader can read all the blog posts at once. In fact they may not read the entire blog post if they have found answer to their question.

2. Take some time off blogging
Take some time off blogging. Go for a summer vacation with your family. Are you readers missing you and asking you to come back and start blogging again? Never let your readers pressurize you in any way. Taking a break helps you regain interest and get new ideas for your blog. It is important though to inform your readers in advance if it is a planned break.

3. Set your own limits
You are your own critic. After you have been blogging for some time, it is easy to decide a posting frequency that suits your style of writing. There is no obligation to publish a fixed number of posts each day. Rather than sticking to a daily posting schedule, you can keep a weekly or a monthly posting schedule and stick to it as far as possible. You do not have to write blog post for every new invention happening in your niche.

4. Responding to comments and queries of your readers
You are under no obligation to respond to all the comments and queries raised by your readers. You can filter out the comments and queries as per the important and only respond to ones that you feel need a response from you. In addition, it is not necessary to respond immediately, you can take your time and respond at your own convenience. The readers posting a comment on your blog may or may not return to read the reply posted by you. Hence, it is advisable not to pressurize yourself to react excessively to views expressed by your readers.

Are you feeling under less pressure as a blogger now? Enjoy blogging and do not take it too seriously and let it affect your health in any way. How do you take pressure off yourself as a blogger? Please share your opinions on it.

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  • Great tips ! Right now I post Monday’s and Thursday’s because it’s all I can handle!

  • I’ve never heard of bloggers setting a target of 25 blog posts each day . How is that even possible??? I do set a weekly schedule for blog posts of 2 per week, but I construct the post in parts, so that I’m not sitting in from of the computer for hours at a time. Most times it works.

  • Good written, did not know about blogger burn out 🙂 good tips and very valid

  • Hello!

    25 blog posts in a single day? I doubt for such bloggers…

    Even it is hard to do the 25 posts in a very single day if one just copies and pastes….

    But though… I saw some bloggers back in the time shooting in a few words’ long blog posts and when the Google was not smart enough.

    I do the weekly blog posts and hardly shooting for 2-3 posts in the entire seven days.

    But I agree with the first point to write when an idea strikes.

    And that’s feasible if you follow just one topic and write with your heart.

    Thank you for the good content! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  • Awesome tips! I’ve been at it over 6 years and time away is key.
    You should be filled with passion when you create a new post. I try to do one weekly but realize the world will not end if I miss one.
    I’ve also used more contributors this year which does bring in new readers.
    One must pace themselves . It’s a marathon not a sprint!

  • Very good article. So true… Even though I can’t seeing someone writing that many blog posts per day. I agree that you should write a post when you are passionate about it.

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