How To Boost Your Page Views By Improving User Experience?

You can increase page views by enhancing the user experience of your site.

This may seem like a strange thing to consider, in case you are hoping to improve page views.

Yet, everything makes sense, when you take a look at something that fundamentally influences website page views in any case.

Individuals will want to stay on your site more, in the event that it is easier to navigate.

Would you prefer to stay longer on a site that has a great user experience?

In this way, if you look at it from that viewpoint, it is clear to perceive how enhancing site user experience can lead to more website page views.

What is necessary to change, keeping in mind the end goal to improve user experience?

One of the main things that you can do is to make your site load faster.

Individuals are ending up increasingly accustomed to things that are faster.

In the event that your site lags behind this pattern, first time visitors will not have much patience and they will simply tap the back button.

That may sound harsh in any case, unfortunately that is simply the way that it is.

There is data to demonstrate that a 1-second delay in site load speed can bring about 11% lower website page views.

Notwithstanding, enhancing site velocities can pay profits.

Thankfully, enhancing the load speed of your site is not very troublesome. In addition, with a couple of tweaks, you can make some easy changes in the page load speed.

You can even utilize a tool from Google, called PageSpeed Insights, to enable you to make sense of what is backing off your website page load speed.

Another way that you can improve the user experience of your site is by expelling anything that is ‘blocking’ user experience.

Presently beyond any doubt, you’ll have to display a pop up every once in a while, yet you don’t have to new visitors with so many that they’re unable to read the content they’re keen on.

I am certain you have had this happen to you and you probably recall that it did not make your visit to the site enjoyable.

The same logic also applies to any ads that you are hoping to display, as well.

Attempt and space your ads out and do not have so many ads that individuals cannot appreciate the content that they are reading.

Also, if you have excessive ads individuals may very well wind up tapping on them, causing them to leave your site – harming your ability to generate more site page views and increase sales.

Additionally, you will want to put a considerable measure of exertion into displaying ads that relate to the theme your site covers.

There may be some targeted ads on your site at the present time, yet ask yourself what can be done to make them considerably more targeted.

This is another way to improve the user experience on your site, albeit a marginally unusual one.

Pop ups and ads can be important for financial reasons, and yes you probably want to make cash from your webpage – however do not do it to the detriment of demolishing your site’s user experience.

Because, thusly, you may simply hurt the life span of your site – decreasing sales and benefits in the end.

You can also improve user experience by making your site less complex.

A basic site is a site that is easy to utilize.

By eliminating mess and distractions, you will have the capacity to make it with the goal that the blog content is up front.

This allows individuals to engage with what you have to offer.

If they appreciate what you have given them initially, they would not fret checking different parts of your site to perceive what else you have to offer.

Have a sidebar that advances related blog content

You should utilize your site’s sidebar to display a related blog content segment and a search feature, as well.

It is a smart thought to make beyond any doubt that you tag your blog entries appropriately, with the goal that it is easy for individuals to discover related content and the sidebars function as they should.

Having a related content sidebar is great, because it is subtle way of forcing individuals to read some of your other blog content.

The utilization of a search engine is ideal, as well, in the event that you want to make it with the goal that individuals can easily search for your opinion on a matter that relates to the subject you are blogging on.
You may even want to try different things with a ‘popular posts,’ area.

You can also have an area at the finish of your blog entries that advances other blog entries of interesting content.

As you do this, it may be worth testing the way that you advance related content.

For example, it may be a smart thought to promote blog content alongside an image.

Then again, it may be smarter to show one bit of content that individuals can tap on, rather than a few – making the choice to click somewhat easier.

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  • Nice post Neha madam..

    Just a small suggestion. I have observed that you don’t use outbond links in your posts, if you used, your readers will need not to search for it to use that tool or Website you mentioned in your post. For e.g here in this post you can give link of Google PageSpeed Insights.. So it will be easy for your reader to find that…

    Hope you will find it useful or correct me if I’m wrong..

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