How To Build A Visitor Friendly Website?

Once you have a good internet business idea, it is time to get things in motion with your business plan. If you are going to start a business on the Internet, you will obviously need a website. During the later design phases of your site, you have to ask yourself the question, “How can I make a website that really works for my customer?” Answering that question correctly is important to your success.

Let us start with the basics: your website’s usability. Your website’s usability is determined by how easily your customers can find what they are looking for; how easily they can see where they have already been on your site; and how easily they can determine where on your site they want to go next. All of these will affect a visitor’s confidence in your site. If any of these are unclear, you risk losing them.

From the moment visitors hit your site, they need to know exactly where they are. Your website should make that obvious, but that is not always the case for every site. How many times have you visited a site only to wonder what is its general theme? Your message or mission can be easily lost amidst a murky sea of too much information or bad color and font choices.

Make sure that you tell your visitors immediately where they are and what they can find on your site. Your visitor should be able to quickly scan any page and find what they are looking for. Do not wait until the end of the page to get your message across to them – get it across in the first few words.

Your site’s navigation should be intelligently organized and easy to follow. By this we mean, make sure that your categories make sense to the average reader. You do not want people to have to search for what they want. You can add a search box to your site to ensure that you customers can always find exactly what they are looking for.

Make giving feedback easy for your customer. People like to know that you care about what they think. Your immediate customer feedback is one the beauties of internet marketing because you can just as immediately adjust what you are doing. Let them know that you are listening to them by responding to your customers. You can use your auto responder tool to help you with this.

Giving people incentives to sign up for emails or refer friends is a good way to build your email list – something that will prove invaluable for you. Give your visitors coupons or free information just for signing up for your regular correspondence.

You can also make purchasing easy by adding stress-free features such as PayPal or other Wallet services. People know that these are secure methods of payment and will be less likely to be hesitant to make a quick purchase.

In addition, while one should understand it without saying, we are going to say it anyway. Always make sure that your website is current. Do not let your information become outdated. Your links and dropdown menus should work properly.

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