How To Build Relationships With Online Customers Effectively?

It is true that a business cannot survive without its customers. What can business firms do in order to attract and retain customers? Let us understand the business customer relationship in detail.

How to use permission marketing to promote your website?

People always respect a company or website who are very ethical and do not spam their customers. With this context, it is important not to send any unsolicited mail or anything that qualifies as spam promoting your company or any of its products. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a list of people who have given you permission to send them information about your company news, products and promotions. Thus while designing a website; you must make sure that most of the visitors provide their emails and permission to mail them future updates and upcoming hot deals. There are numerous ways to get your visitors to sign up and add them to your email list.

How to create loyalty among your customers?

The best way possible to make your visitors loyal to your website is to provide them with incentives to join your website, online community and make them aware that you really appreciate them. This requires having a separate member’s only section on your website offering them special discounts and freebies as a token of their loyalty and support. When a visitor signs up as a member of your website, you can ask them to subscribe and be a part of your email list where you can send them occasional best deals and press releases. People generally trust those who appreciate others business. The number of people joining loyalty programs are increasing every single day.

How to get your visitors to stick to your site for a long duration?

The basic aim of any webmaster should be to get the visitors to visit your website often and to visit a number of sections of your website. To achieve this your site must have interesting, original and interactive content. You must make your visitors that they are a part of your site and must visit it daily. Stickiness improves by having a daily advice column, an online discussion forum, a news section that is updated daily and much more. You must make sure that your site becomes a resource where people return often and not a one-time event.

How to entice your readers to visit your site repeatedly?

Every website should encourage its visitors to come back again very often. It does not matter what is your primary goal, unless you have first time visitors coming back to your site repeatedly you will never achieve those objectives. Generating repeat traffic is very important and this is a point which most of the webmasters fail to understand. There are several ways to keep your readers combing back to your site repeatedly; some of these include starting competitions, quizzes, contests and offering incentives.

How to get your readers to recommend your site?

The best method to market your site is to get a friend or relative to recommend your site and or to use a third party to give their unbiased opinions. It is necessary that you every visitor recommends you, this will help you market your site. You should arrange to display your website reviews done by others either on your posts or on your sidebar. Even better way to market your site is to install a bookmark button on your site. There are other techniques like asking your visitors to email the article to their friends and associates. You cannot be successful unless you are good at viral marketing.

How to drive your sales force?

If the primary objective of your website is to sell a product, it is very much advisable for you to start an affiliate program. This would help solve two purposes at once, firstly it will generate traffic to your site and secondly it will help others to recommend your site. Starting an affiliate program will help you get free backlinks to your site, as most of the affiliate programs requires affiliates to paste your link on their website. I will discuss how this method will help increase traffic to your website a bit later on. It is also important to consider the need of businesses to embrace connectivity, as a central precept to business success. You can learn more about the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and its impact on the world of business by reading this Salesforce blog post.

How to decide your target markets?

It is imperative that you know and decide what your target markets are. You should have a website designed specifically for them. For every single section of your target audience/markets, you need to consider the following points.

* The needs of your target customers.
* The wants of your target markets.
* What your customers expect from you and your company?

For each section of the audience and market you are targeting you need to determine the things that will please them. You need to provide them with a website that will exceed their expectations.

The main target of a website is to attract potential customers but there are several others things that you need to consider which includes maintaining your present customer base/media and managing others who play a major role in influencing the spending patterns of your potential and your current customers.

Therefore, the customers are of two types: potential and existing customers. Existing customers knows about your company and its products and services, so he may not be interested in knowing the products and services of your company. On the other hand, a potential customer might want to know about your company and your products. He might need all these details before placing his first order to the company.

Customer is an umbrella term and it needs to be broken down into further sub parts.

How to define customer markets?

Customer is a very broad term used while defining your target markets; it has to be broken down into a number of smaller segments. Every business is different from the other. For example, if you are a tour operator your customer market comprises of the following categories.

• Business trips
• Vacation trips
• Family trips
• Meeting or conferences

You need to divide your customer target markets into smaller segments and then for each segment, you need to analyse the needs, wants and expectations separately. If your product is something related to media, then you must have a media centre or if you are looking to build relationship with potential customers, then you must have a investor relations page.

If you are marketing children’s products then you must have a with vibrant colors and text that can be easily understood by a grade three child. You can use fun loving graphics to get the children more involved in your site. On the other hand, if your site is dull and without any graphics, it is more likely that child will not be attracted to it.

If you are marketing a mainstream product, then you must have a professional looking website that you can build through a free intranet website builder. Your graphics and text arrangement needs to be systematic in order to convey the message effectively and appropriately. You must make sure that you use the write semantics to attract your target audience.

Another important aspect to consider when designing your Web site is how your target market is adept to the changing technology and the configu ration of software and hardware installed on their systems. Businesses selling technical products must have the latest technology. They will be having latest software’s, web browser and machines.

On the other hand, clients of business selling home care products are less likely to use the latest technology. They will have slower machines, older versions of software’s and slower machines. You cannot use Java or flash on your website if you are serving these kind of clients.

Therefore, you need to be particularly careful while using flash of Java content on your website. While using flash can impress clients that have faster machines, others who do not have the latest technologies on their machines will find it hard to wait patiently for the site to load. Thus, you must always try to focus less on graphics and more on presenting information effectively.

Products and Services
It is important to decide which products and services you wish to promote online. Although the products and services you offer off-line in your physical store are the same as in your online store, but quite often there can be differences.

Business owners having physical store assume that having online or virtual store is similar to their real world store and that they can market same products online as well as offline.

In most cases, business owners sell fewer products online than offline. This could be because you cannot sell a particular product online due to competitive pricing and shipping costs.

In other cases, your online store might offer more products or services than the physical store. For example, your gift store might not offer shipping or gift-wrapping. However, if your online store does not offer shipping and gift-wrapping then you might lose out a lot on your customers.

Customers dominate the market, and you need to meet their demands and in fact exceed their expectations to get your market share. The site that provides the greatest convenience and the greatest products at the lowest prices will be the winner in this competitive world.

Use Competitor sites to your advantage

One of the prime objectives of any website is to beat all the competitors in its niche and to get highest traffic. This is achievable if you have great content and high search engine placements. In order to be successful in this regard you need to perform a detailed analysis of competitor’s website and marketing methods. You need to analyze every element on your competitor’s web pages and find out which ones are effective and which are not.

One question that people ask often is, “How do we know who are our online competitors?” There are a number of ways to find out your site’s competitors. One method could be by searching keywords for which you have optimized your site and find out which sites rank higher in search results. In addition, you can search major web directories and check other sites placement in those directories as compared to your listing in the same niche. Look for forums, portals and directories to find out which the popular sites.

After making a list of sites which you consider as your competitors you need to analyze each site element by element, word by word and how each of them compare to other. You need to look at the content they are providing to their target audiences and their ad block placements. The other things you may consider analyzing is the ease of navigation, stickiness, interactivity and search engine optimization of a website. After analyzing which elements work best for your competitors, you need to incorporate them on your website to beat your competitors.

Remember online competition is different from offline competition. You need to find out the competitors in your niche who have been doing well selling the products you wish to promote for years. The sites that are successful in selling a product to customers all over the world are your competition as opposed to sites that sell their product locally. If you really want to succeed in long run, you need to find a method to beat the organizations who sell their product globally.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Its very important for us to build relationship with our customers who gets all the things which they look for from us.

    The behavior of the owner do matter a lot as a good behavior attracts a lot of customers and also people like to get
    connected to people who respect their feelings and thoughts.

    These are some great tips to establish relationship with our customers in various aspects.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Hi Shantanu,

    Many thanks for the wonderful support you have shown to me and this blog. I always wait for your comments after every post.

    As a buyer I would always want to know the owner from which I am purchasing a product. I would rarely go and buy a product from an anonymous or lesser known person/company.

  • Great tips! I definitely agree with the spam, if I receive mail like that which I haven’t signed up for it goes straight in the bin! you are also so right that interactive content is very important to get people to visit your site more than once.

  • Definitely wort for reading 🙂 sens I run my own online business 🙂 I found great tips here.

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  • I agree that it is important to draw in readers attention and ensure that they come back to view your site again. Finding your target audience and figuring out what they need and want from your site is imperative to discovering how to build relationships with online consumers.

  • Like many things in life – it’s all about the relationship! If you respect folks, provide content they desire, and respond quickly – they’ll stick around!

  • Fab tips here. As a blogger, I know how important it is to get people on your website.

  • This is a very informative post. I usually establish a connection with my readers by responding to their comments or queries in real time if possible. I will apply your other tips too. These are all very helpful.

  • Very helpful tips.. Building a good relationship and connection with your customers and readers is really essential, whether it is with your blog or online business.

  • Targeting the right audience and keeping up with loyalty is very important when trying to make sales and just connect with people on online. Well written post.

  • Great advice, super practical. Going to take this under advisment

  • I agree with you it is so important in order for the customer to actually want to come back to your site for what you are offering. Applies to any brand/business.

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