How To Choose The Right Blog Design?

Just as a blog with poor content will not force the readers to come back to it repeatedly, a blog template that takes long time to load will discourage readers. It is good to remember that very few Internet users have fast Internet connection. Therefore, having a web page that takes long time to load would not go down well with the readers. Nobody has the patience nor time to wait patiently for too long. A reader would rather move on to another site rather than wait on yours; because he uses Internet to get information quickly. While this does not mean you should use a very simple looking template, but avoid using elements on your blog that drastically increase loading time of your website.

You must keep the following things in mind while designing your blog template.

1. Ease of navigation
If you are new blogger, maximum readers will access your site through the home page. This will not be the case once you are an established blogger, people will visit your archived pages indexed by search engines or linked by other blogs. Therefore, it is imperative that you must provide them with links to your popular articles and archives. You can even provide them with a search box to help them find the articles on topic they are looking for.

2. Bring a fresh look to your site
There a millions of blogs dedicated to a particular niche, so it is important to make your blog stand out and liked by your readers. You can do this by selecting a fresh theme for your blog or designing a new theme yourself.

3. Minimum loading time
Most of the readers do not like to stay on a site for more than a minute. Within such short span of time, you have to present your content and impress your readers otherwise, they will not return to your blog. If your site takes more than a minute to load then you would find that your site will get hardly any traffic and number of readers will decrease drastically. Remove unnecessary items and widgets on your site to increase your site up time so that you reduce the downtime. Your readers will appreciate you and are more likely to stick to your site and come back repeatedly especially if it is a regularly updated site.

4. Focus on content
While it is true that some of the blogs featuring only videos or only images are popular but one should focus primarily on content. Content should be the attractive part of your blog, images and flash videos would only be used to support your content. Remember the readers always appreciate simplicity.

5. Check Compatibility with different browsers
Once you have finalised your blog template, it is important that you check its compatibility with other browsers. What looks good on one browser may not look good in another. You need to make sure that your site functions well in all possible conditions.

Most importantly, you write for your readers. It is your duty to provide them only with the best and nothing less than the best to your readers.

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  • I agree a blog theme that is not accessible will stop readers viewing your site. A quick loading time and a theme that has easy navigation is so important x

  • Hello Nisha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Its very important to design our blog in such a way that people do feel pleasure when they visit our blog.
    Yeah apart from content and everything, the appearance of our web site do matter a lot. People like to stay over the
    web site, which have neat and clean design where they do not get messed up.

    The tips you mentioned over here are very handy in setting up a desired blog which can attract more and more people. The
    speed of the web site do matters as if it took more than 5 seconds then its more likely that people will fly away from our
    web site, so it should be lightning fast.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Hi Neha.
    Blog design is really important for blog branding.

    When it comes to blog design, of course, we need to think about the page loading time. Google also loves this. That means, it is important for SEO too.

    However, a good looking “logo” or “blog header” is essential for designing a blog.

  • I am a newbie and I must say this article has helped me a lot.

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