How To Do More As A Blogger And Make 24 Hours Look Like 30 Hours?

Every week I hear bloggers wishing that there should have been 30 hours instead of the normal 24. Why do you want to have more hours in a day when you can do the same work that you can do in 30 hours and still have enough time to relax and enjoy your life?

If you have extra 6 hours you would get older faster, you would have to work more and you would get tired more. I am glad that we have a day that is of 24 hours but by effective time management we can make it look like a 30 or perhaps a 48-hour day.

Here are some ideas that can save 65% of your time per hour.

1. Stop being on twitter – 5 minutes each hour.

2. Stop using Facebook – 5 minutes each hour.

3. Do not worry about stats – 3 minutes each hour

4. Do not check your AdSense earnings – 3 minutes each hour.

5. Stop experimenting with your blog template. – 2 minutes each hour.

6. Do not worry about Google page rank and links to your blog – 2 minutes each hour.

7. Do not check your mail – 3 minutes every hour.

8. Do not check your Google reader – 3 minutes every hour.

9. Do not check your post’s popularity on Digg and Reddit – 2 minutes.

10. Do not worry about affiliate and eBook sales – 2 minutes every hour

11. Avoid using LinkedIn – 5 minutes each hour.

12. Stop using messenger and G-talk – 2 minutes each hour

13. Stop reading and start writing – 2 minutes each hour.

If you do all these, you can save approximately 65% of your time i.e. 39 minutes in an hour. If you can calculate, you will complete 8 hours work in 2 hours and 48 minutes. Thus, you can comfortably save 5 hours and 12 minutes that you can spend for personal use.

As a blogger it is not just about you and your blog, it is also about your readers and their blogs. Thus expecting too much from your readers without giving them anything in return shows greediness of the blogger and that he is more concerned in making money online than building relationships with his readers. Never do too much but at the same time do not do little.

Am I missing something here? Perhaps you can help me add those.

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