How To Find Out Mistakes In Your Blog?

It is very easy to create a blog but to have readers who visit your blog regularly is extremely difficult. What are the places where you go wrong and often give up blogging? Let us address them one by one.

1. Not enough content on your blog
If you have been blogging for a long time and have very few regular visitors, one reason could be that you do not have enough content on your blog. There are millions of new blogs created every single week and only a few (less than 1%) become popular. If you have enough content on your blog, there is a bit of something for everyone. This will keep your readers interested and new readers are more likely to subscribe to your blog.

2. Your blog’s central theme is not defined
Blogging is personal and hence bloggers tend to focus on diverse topics instead of sticking to a main central theme. Be consistent and define set of topics you blog about. Never attempt to write on every topic under the sun.

3. Accept that some posts would be more popular than others
It is a fact that some posts would be more popular than others. You cannot expect to get the same attention with every post. Instead of choosing a topic that is very obscure, you may not find many readers. Niche blogs are good if you are looking to promote a particular product related to it. In my opinion, you must go for a topic (niche) which has wider mass appeal. This will help develop your reader base quickly and effectively.

4. Controversy can be harmful
While controversy can be useful to build readership in a short time, it can be harmful for your blog in the end. If you have many people who disagree to your opinion, you may get many responses but miss regular readers. There must be a balance between readers that agree and disagree to opinions expressed on your blog.

5. Never use default theme for your blog
Give your blog an identity of itself. Your blog must be different from several others blogs in your niche. If possible, try to design a theme by yourself to give a unique identity to your blog.

6. Not creating a brand name your blog
Establish a brand name for your blog. Couple your blog along with content and theme to make your presence felt around the internet. Developing a cohesive brand and promoting a clear niche will help build a strong influence on your readers.

7. Not updating your blog regularly
Regular blog updates are necessary, preferably at least once every day. A blog with regular updates makes your readers come back to your blog often. You must at all times write posts that are beneficial to your readers (and are of good quality off course!). This is not as easy as it may seem as it is extremely difficult and time consuming task (this is the main reason why most of the top blogs are updated only once per day).

8. People do not link to your blog
This is one of the most neglected parts and lots of bloggers are unaware of this phenomenon. Links help your blog grow, boost your organic traffic and increase exposure. The easiest method to achieve it is to link to other blogs. If you link to other blogs without expecting any favor in return, majority of bloggers will return the favor by linking back to your blog. Another important fact to consider here is that your content must be worth linking.

9. Do not over monetize your blog
Readers visit a blog to find particular information. Nothing can be more irritating than to find ads placed at positions that are not required. Over monetization can turn readers away, particularly if your blog is new. Monetization must not have a negative impact on your blog’s popularity.

10. Not Keeping SEO basics in mind
Get the basics right. Make sure your post title includes a keyword or phrase that people often search. Include keywords in appropriate header tags in order to optimize your search engine placements.

11. Not keeping patience
Most of the suggestions mentioned above may not yield instant results. The effort that you put into building your blog today may bear fruits only after a period of six months. Hence it is important to keep on believing and not to expect too much too early.

Blogging is a hobby and it takes time to convert this hobby into profession. You must enjoy blogging and at the same time avoid undue pressure and high expectations from your blog.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Indeed there is lot of planning which needs to be done when we are setting up a blog. A simple mistake can cost us a lot
    and our image to in front of an online world. So its better to prepare for a check list so that we can create a well
    displayed blog.

    Yeah its obvious that when people start off their blogs they do not want to spend lot on personalizing their blog, but
    its good to spend more than little so that one can add a well displayed theme, good quality of plugins and some more so that
    their blog could attract the visitors who visit on them. People like to stay a while on a blogs which are beautifully designed
    and contains some superb contents.

    Thanks for sharing these all.


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