How To Get Back Links For Your Blog?

Building links to your site is often the most underestimated and confusing part of them all when it comes to promoting your site. The links that point to your site are the backbone of traffic and go a long way to determine the long-term traffic that you will get to your site. The links that you eventually build over the course of time is one of the important factors in determining the success or failure as may be the case depending on how good (and focused I might add ) about your website.

Even if blogging is your hobby and you do not take it seriously just ask one question to yourself. Would you be able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and zeal after having no visitors to your blog for a long time? This one is no brainer; the answer would be an obvious NO. Then what are the steps you should take to ensure that you get your share of traffic from the Internet for now and even in the future to help you maintain your enthusiasm and zeal towards your blog.

Why am I stressing so much on building back links to your website? The more links that point to your site, higher are the chances of somebody coming to your site using one of these links. Search Engines these days consider the links while determining the utility of your site. Domain authority is one of the many ranking systems that takes into account as to how many sites link to you to determine your sites’ popularity, the more number of sites link to you higher is your Domain Authority.

You should never stop your efforts in getting back links to your site. All these links would eventually get you more traffic from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and a high enough link authority you can boast about proudly to others.

Here are the top six linking strategies for getting more links to point to your blogs.

1. Write Good Quality content
Your blog should have good content. Everything but good content will help your blog in the end. Just having content on your blog might not help you much, you should have content on your blog that everyone would want to link to. You will be amazed to know that there are some quality articles written a year or even two years back that find a place on first page on Google search for the most commonly searched keywords. These articles have several sites linking to them because of their content and are good enough to get new sites linking to them even now. If you keep posting good content, you are eventually bound to write a blockbuster post that would help your blog become one of the popular blogs almost overnight.

2. Visit Blogs in your Niche
For other blogs to link back to you need to bring them to your blog. You can visit blogs in your area of interest and leave a comment if you liked one of the posts. This is good enough reason for the blog owner to visit your blog. If you have a good blog, they would link to one of your post without giving them any bribe. You can also join a blogging community. Generally blog owners check out the new members in their community, and if you have a good content they will link to you.

3. Give some back links and Get them in return
This is one of the best and honest ways of getting backlinks to your site. Link to others without expecting anything in return, others will be inclined to link to you. A good way to do it is to put up a bunch of links tagged under “Interesting sites I came across during the week gone by.” and ping all the blogs whose link you’ve displayed on your site to let them know. The bloggers from these sites would develop a soft corner for your blog and there are more chances that they might also link bank to one of your post.

4. Link baiting
While most of the people think link baiting is not judicious but if done correctly, there is nothing better to get hundreds of backlinks in a short span of time. For it to be successful, you need to make it most attractive, even attractive than glitter of gold so that no one overlooks you. For Example, it could be something similar to this “Comment on my Post to get a free backlink.”

5. News Release
This technique is not very common and hence overlooked by many bloggers and many of you might not even know how it works. All you have to do is build a news list of blogs in your niche. When you write a nice and interesting post, you can send out a news release to the fellow bloggers in your niche telling them about it. If your article is great, you will get some backlinks from these blogs. You should maintain a list of at least 1,000 blogs. When you feel that you have something nice to offer, send out a news release and overnight you would see your traffic grow and have hundreds of backlinks to your site. Technical sites like the Tech zone use this technique for getting backlinks.

6. Use Social Networking Sites
You can write content that is good enough for social networking sites like Reddit. If an article is useful and compelling enough, it will get enough votes to rank as the top article and find its way to the front page. This works for you in two ways, it will send you loads of traffic and secondly it will also get you lots of links because there are sites which link to top stories. This strategy would work very well but be sure of your competition, because they will try to stop you from becoming popular.

These are the top six ideas that I found out. If you’ve been using any of these ideas I would appreciate if you can give me a feedback about your experiences or if you have any other ideas please let me as well as others know which would be of great help to each and every one of us.

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  • Some excellent suggestions, but my concern is, how do you find time to blog, if you’re maintaining a list of 1,000 links? I’m a full-time writer and as it is I have a challenge maintaining my blog. Thanks for the ideas though. 🙂 D is for Dogged Determination #Build a Better Blog

    • Thanks and welcome Shirley to my blog. The list of 1000 blogs is not easy to make and maintain overnight. It will be possible only when you have been blogging and commenting for some time. The list is necessary to maintain so that when you write a noteworthy story, you can shoot the site owners an email and ask them to have a look at it. If 1% of them link to your post, it will help you rank higher in search engine rankings for that post.

  • Thank you for a useful article. It’s a subject that is still new to me. So, I am gonna need to read it several more times. How do you manage a list of 1,000? I’m not even sure how you ping the other blogger when you link to them. Still a newbie here 🙂

  • My brother encouraged I may like this weblog. He / she had been completely proper organic marketing. This particular blog post absolutely designed our working day. You should not look at the way in which a great deal of time I did expended because of this information and facts! Appreciate it!

  • I never knew about link building. Thankyou for solving my query.

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