How To Get Indexed By Search Engines Amazingly Quick?

Do you want highly targeted traffic that is easy to tap for profit? Do you want continuous flow of traffic on autopilot? Organic search must become the #1 traffic source for any website or business that wants to grow quickly and consistently. How do you get your site listed quickly by search engines so that every new blog post you publish gets search engine traffic?

If you have answered yes to the above questions then let us dig right in to the question on how to make it possible for your site. Rather than waiting and hoping that your blog will be crawled by search engines, you need to take the proactive approach and ask search engines to list them quickly.

Let us have a look at the factors considered by search engines for indexing any website.

1. Crawl Rate of your website
Claim your site on google search console, it will open opportunities for your as a site owner to get detailed analysis of your website. You can change the crawl rate of your website from the default setting, so that search engine spiders visit your site more often. Keep in mind that if you increase the crawl rate too much, it will slow down your site and put additional stress on your web-hosting servers. Make sure that site does not have too much flash content so that it loads faster. Faster loading websites with decent amount of content will rank higher as compared to websites that are slow to load.

2. How popular is your content
It is important to have a content marketing strategy in order to succeed as a blogger. Search engine ranking will depend upon the number of inbound link to your blog. Some of the methods you can utilize include writing guest posts, submitting articles to directories like, press releases on content PR websites and uploading videos on with link to your blog posts. Links from spam websites can hurt your search engine visibility.

3. Deep link to your content
Link to other webpages on your blog. Link to old blog posts with similar topics in order to get them indexed again and rank higher in search engine results. The URLs to blog posts should make some sense to Google. It works better if you can include the title of your blog post in the URL. Deep linking is necessary to keep all the posts indexed by Google and get search engine traffic to individual pages in a blog.

4. Encourage social sharing of your posts
Sharing the posts on social media has some SEO benefits associated with it. Social networking and SEO work together when it comes to search engine rankings. Blog posts that get better placement in search engine rankings are the ones that go viral on social networking websites. Besides getting search engine traffic, it will help you grow your audience base quickly.

5. Comments on other websites
There are number of popular blogs that enable dofollow and comment Luv. Search engines follow links on dofollow blogs and link to the website more quickly. As a blogger try to post relevant comments on minimum 10 blogs in order to build back links quickly and get indexed faster.

Getting your website indexed by search engines is not easy but it is not difficult as well. Strategy and execution are the two most important points to keep in mind while getting your site indexed quickly by search engines. How quickly is your site being crawled by Google? How is your search engine traffic? Please share your experience in the comments.

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