How To Get Visitors To Make $100 A Day?

Starting a blog is easy but getting people to notice it is difficult. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need huge traffic to your blog. It is important the traffic you receive is highly targeted and easily convertible to sales.

Here are some of the sites that you can use to drive traffic to your blog

1. Twitter
Twitter is one of the most popular micro networking sites. If you have large number of followers on twitter, you can get traffic to your site almost instantly. Just like any social networking site, there must be a two-way conversation between a twitter host and his followers. One must make sure that he replies to tweets from others.

2. Article sites
Article sites can give you traffic instantly once you publish your post. Some of the popular article directories include helium, associated content, etc. As compared to article directories, article sites publish the content more quickly and hence you can expect increase in traffic as soon as you publish your content on these sites.

3. PPC programs
You can avoid all the hard work required to build a blog and readership if you can afford to spend some money on advertising. Once you start receiving massive traffic to your blog, you can stop advertising and concentrate on free traffic. This method is necessary for bloggers who want to be successful and do not want to wait for too long. Insisting on getting free traffic may not work as you may have to wait for too long and there is no guarantee of success.

4. Webmaster forums
Web master forums can also be a great source for getting instant traffic to your blog. Make sure that you are among the top 3 persons responding to a forum post, this will help you get attention of other members. If you are responding honestly to the forum discussions, people will appreciate it and would like to know more about you. This curiosity will drive them to your website and become regular readers of your blog.

5. Facebook
Facebook ranks among top 10 websites according to Alexa and is the top social networking site. Facebook helps you to market your blog for free and effectively. If used intelligently, Facebook can drive massive traffic to your blog every single day.

Let us calculate how much traffic each of these sources can bring to your blog every day.

1. Twitter = 500 visitors (assuming you have 25,000 followers and tweet 10 times a day).

2. Article sites = 100 visitors (assuming you submit article to at least two such sites).

3. PPC programs = 1000 visitors (assuming that you purchase advertising worth $10 @ .01 per click).

4. Webmaster forums = 100 visitors (assuming that you reply to at least 10 discussions relevant to your niche).

5. Facebook = 500 visitors (assuming you have 1000 friends and followers).

There are other methods to get instant traffic to a blog. The amount of traffic that your blog receives on how well you can tap the traffic from the above-mentioned websites.

You need to have at least 5K page views in order to make $100 per day if you are promoting affiliate programs on your blog and 20K page views in case of PPC programs like AdSense.

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