How To Improve Your Blog By Analyzing Successful Blogs?

Every blogger wants to follow the footsteps of another successful blogger. You might also have a mentor and want your blog to be successful like his. Analyze your favorite blog; it not necessarily has to be in the same niche as your blog. Spend some time browsing through the archives and understand the posts that bring many comments from readers. Look at the blog theme and layout as well as placement of ads that is very crucial if you are looking to make money from your blog.

There are many things a blogger can learn and understand by analyzing blogs that are successful and attract large number of readers. You can get ideas for your posts as well as tips and suggestions that may help improve your blog. There might be some elements missing on your blog that you may want to implement in future.

How to analyse your favorite blog?

1. Choose your favorite blog
There are many blogs that you may be visiting regularly, choose one of them which you like the most. It could be a blog in your niche or another niche. If you are not sure, you can do a bit of online research to find a blog for analyzing.

2. Spend some time analyzing the blog
The areas that you may want to analyze include:

Content Analysis
• Topics covered

• Style of writing

• Posting frequency

• Target audience

• Topics not covered often enough.

Relationship with Readers
• Posts which have large number of comments

• Posts that have no or very less comments.

• How does a blogger reply to comments and questions?

• Type of posts appreciated by readers.

Layout and Design
• How well is the information presented on the blog?

• How easily are the subscription options accessible?

• How easy it is to find the information you are looking for?

• Is there anything that you would like to suggest to the blogger to improve his blog?

Monetization options
• What are the various PPC programs promoted on the blog

• What are the various Affiliate programs promoted on the product?

• Is the blogger selling private ad slots?

Traffic sources
A detailed analysis of site’s Alexa and Compete ranking helps to understand the progress of this site. The stats that one must look for are

• Number of inbound links.

• Page views.

• Time spent on the site

• Bounce rate

• Geographical distribution of traffic.

• Sources of traffic – Google, Twitter, Facebook,etc.

Some important things that you might want to check about your favorite site.
• Why are people linking to the site?

• Is the site offering any incentive for people linking to the site?

• Does others or only the homepage also link the sub pages?

• Is the site engaged in any black hat SEO e.g. buying text link slots on other blogs?

There are many bloggers who say that they do not believe in SEO, but in reality SEO is single most important thing that will help you make money online free.

Important points to remember

1. Do not lose focus
Please do not spend majority of your time on your competitor’s blog. Try to spend that time to build and improve your blog rather than looking at the stats of your competitors and envy them. Visiting your competitors every now and again is also important in order to keep pace with latest happenings in your niche.

2. Be different from others
I see majority of bloggers replicating their favorite blogs to the last element. As a blogger, you must try to be unique and different if you want people to notice your blog. If you and your blog fail to differentiate itself from others blogs in your niche, no one will remember you.

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