How To Increase Web Traffic For Free And Be Successful? The Conclusion

This is second post following How To Increase Web Traffic For Free And Be Successful? Let us continue to discover more methods to get free traffic to our blogs:

6. Use online forums to get traffic
Online forums can drive massive traffic to your blog. Search for forums related to your niche and participate regularly in the discussions. Once you have established a good reputation you can discuss about your latest blog posts in a manner that does not sound like intentional advertising of your blog. The best method to get audience to visit your blog is to get an enticing summary of your blog post. If the summary is interesting, audience will visit the blog to read further about it. If you are replying to any thread, write an ending with link to your blog post that gives more information about the same topic.

7. Give interview or post interviews about other bloggers
Giving interviews or interviewing someone else is advantageous. Your interview published on other blog will have benefits for you as a blogger. Firstly, it will send traffic to your blog and secondly you will establish good reputation among the readers in your niche. This will help you become an authority that people will appreciate and trust easily. Interview about others posted on your blog will help you in the following ways. The interviewee will share the post with his audience. This will help you get traffic. In addition, interviewing a top blogger will help you boost your reputation as being someone who is important. This will be a win-win situation for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

8. Join online communities of bloggers
Joining blogging communities from your niche to get in touch with other bloggers and build business contacts. Participating in blogging communities of your niche will help you become more familiar to other bloggers and increase traffic to your blog. Create a profile and start exploring other blogs in your niche. Comment and up vote the blog post that may be very interesting to read. Thus others will also like your content and return the favor. In addition, you can get valuable back links if you post great content on your blog. Back links from these communities can boost your search engine rankings as most of them have a high authority.

9. Take care of SEO for your blog
The best free traffic source is from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Do not neglect SEO for your blog posts as it can help you get targeted traffic that is easy to convert. Target long tail keywords for your blog, as they are easy to implement and have lesser competition as compared to short tail keywords. SEO is easy and you do not have to spend excessive time to perform it for each of your blog posts. If you are not doing SEO, you are missing valuable traffic to your blog.

10. Give away free content and drive traffic
Nothing works better than posting quality content on your blog. Content will make your site grow but you need readers for your blog. You need to create a free product that is very useful for your audience and insert links to your blog at several places. If your product is useful, audience will visit your blog and read more articles. There is a strong possibility that they will become loyal and subscribe to your blog once after visiting your blog.
How do you get traffic to your blog? What is the best source of traffic to your blog? How did you increase the traffic to your blog? Please add to the conversation so that we all can learn and benefit from it.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    I haven’t tried online forums to get traffic to my blogs, surely I am going to hit this one and hope it will work out for me.

    These both part of your topic has included so many ways to attract traffic on our blogs.

    Thanks for the share.


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