How To Learn SEO From Google?

Anyone and everyone is interested in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to show up higher in Google and other search engine results.  Study after study after study shows that, however many millions of hits a search engine lists, consumers routinely choose to go with websites that are within the first several listed by the search engine.  So, how can you learn more about SEO, and how can you use it to get your page listed right at the top of the search results pages?

You may already know that the keyword suggestion tool you are using is an SEO tool, and that you should use these keywords all over your site, your blogs, and everywhere else, you publicize your business—including the newsletters and other notices you send out through your email auto responder, just for good measure!

In addition, you may already know that there are other tools and tricks available to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.  However, what are these tools, and how should you be using them?  Well, now you can take a close look at what another company is doing at integrating SEO into its site, and that company is Google itself.

The release of Google’s SEO report card in 2010 showed that Google is engaging in something that not every company would have the determination to do.  Google systematically evaluated its own products’ SEO performance based on how well these pages had built in SEO tools.  In other words, given that Google offers a lot of advice about Search Engine Optimization, how were Google’s own pages measuring up?

Google released the results of their self-examination publicly as an example to webmasters everywhere.

Much of what is in the report may not be of much interest to someone who is just starting a new online business and has no training as a webmaster.  Some of the language is technical, and some of the tools are built in to the web page templates you may be using, courtesy of your hosting company.  You do not have to worry about these SEO features.

A lot of it is helpful though—especially for beginners.  For one thing, it shows that even the largest and most successful companies have to evaluate their web pages periodically.  Effective SEO rarely happens on the first pass at a webpage.  Like everything else in your business, SEO is something that you can build over time, adding new SEO tools and features to your web pages as you learn about them.

On a more practical level, it raises awareness about the multitude of tools that are available for you to choose.  Many of these tools and techniques are surprisingly simple and easy to implement.  Some of them are just common sense, and you may catch yourself slapping yourself on the forehead and asking, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Tips like these include well-constructed URLs for your pages, using titles and title tags that directly relate to your page’s content and keeping your site simple to navigate.  Many other useful tips and tools may be available from your host.  In addition, Google introduces the SEO subject for beginners.

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