How To Optimize Your Emails For Maximum CTR?

When putting an e-mail marketing campaign together, make sure your messages are compelling enough to make your customers want to visit your site. It is all about the click-through rate, and you want to make sure yours is high. Your e-mail auto responder tutorial should point you to this and other great information you can use to increase sales and judge the success of your e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing campaigns are a great way to generate sales. You want to keep in touch with regular customers and make sure they know about your newest products or services. You want to follow up with people who have browsed your site and offer them incentives for completing a purchase. You want to take first-time buyers and point out the other products and services they would certainly be interested.

The success of these messages presumes, though, that your customers read them. When you are composing these e-mails, make sure they shine. Make sure they have content and features that will favorably impress your customers and lead them to clicking through to your website.

Click-through rates are something you should be extremely interested in if you are starting your own online business. They measure the percentage of how many people who get your marketing e-mails click on the links you provide to actually reach your site and buy something. Around on the Web, you may find various benchmark estimates for what you should expect your click-through rates to be. The fact is, however, that they vary by type of company.

These benchmarks can be useful in terms of setting a realistic expectation for your performance, but you do not want to depend on them a lot. The main thing is to monitor your own click-through rates and tweak your marketing e-mails until you see them start to rise. If your click-through rates do not match your industry’s benchmark, big deal! It just means you may be new at this.

In general, you should think of your marketing e-mails as ads, not as “mail”. That is, they should be brief, eye-catching, and visual. A picture really is worth 1000 words! It may help you to envision these e-mail messages as half-page full-colour print ads rather than as letters that you are writing to potential customers.

It is unlikely that your customer is going to spend more than 10 seconds looking at your e-mail, so make sure it focuses on a single, compelling sales message. Customers should immediately grasp “what’s in this for me?” –readers should not have to scan the e-mail more than once to know what benefits you are offering them. Similarly, it should be immediately obvious where to click to reap these benefits.

Does this seem simplistic? You would be surprised! An astounding number of your competitors are sending out lengthy, densely worded e-mail messages. They drown their readers in superfluous details, hackneyed sales slogans, and bury their links somewhere near the bottom.

In addition, you should make sure that you are offering your customer benefits that they are interested. Keep your e-mail lists tidy and organized so that you can send marketing messages about specific products and services to the customers who are most likely to purchase them, based on their past purchases. Flood my inbox with irrelevant offers, and I am not going to open your messages anymore.

When you were looking into how to host a website, you probably found that outsourcing the tech side of your business by paying another company to host your website is the easiest and most sensible way to go. If so, you know that even cheap web hosting plans include e-mail auto-responder service. If yours does not, or if you do not care for the auto responder your web hosting service provides, you can get one very inexpensively from a third party.

Take some time to explore your auto responder in depth. It should come with one or more tutorials, FAQs pages, and more to display its features and tools. Your auto responder software probably offers a number of methods to keep track of multiple customer e-mail lists, and will let you file away various marketing messages to be sent to these lists at various times. This will help ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right customers.

By customizing the links in these messages so that they point to campaign-specific landing pages, you can easily keep track of your click-through rate. All of this will help ensure that your e-mail marketing efforts do not go to waste.

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