How To Track Your Target Keywords Using Google Alerts?

Very few Bloggers are aware of Google Alerts. This tool has many advantages and best part being that it is available free!

Google Alerts has the benefit of being totally within Google’s TOS. I think about that as a vital component in any web or search engine optimization tool. The utilization of any tool outside of Google’s TOS poses a potential risk that Google will ban your site and hence you would end up losing valuable search engine traffic. We do not need that to transpire to your blog.

While partnered with the Google search engine, Google Alert provides updates about new content posted on the web based your search terms. Google Alerts provides you update by means of email on a regular basis when it finds new results such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research that match your keywords.

Sign up process for Google Alerts is simple. Go the Google Alert site and sign up using your Google account credentials.
When you sign in, you need to enter the keywords you need to track. Make sure that you enter the keywords relevant to your blog. For instance, “Make money online from Amazon” is significantly more particular than “money” or “online income”.

By following the appearances of your keywords, you can check their utility and popularity. If your particular search terms are appearing on numerous different websites, and not on yours, it is a great opportunity to add them to your blog.

The ideal approach to create that profitable content is to include a few articles that feature those keywords. They will get your site visibility in Google search results. The higher your website or blog is ranked in the search engine result placings (SERPs), the more probable your webpage will be seen. Most searchers do not look past the initial a few pages of results.

An advanced search feature gives you a chance to restrict your outcomes by location. For various languages, a similar filter of the advance search is applied. You can set the results, to include only French pages search terms, in the event that you like.
Google Alerts can be found here:

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  • I have just started alerts. Let me see the result.

  • Hello Neha,

    Great information over here 🙂

    I too didn’t know about Google alerts earlier before, its sounds something to have with us if we want to get going smooth
    with our keywords.

    Thats sound pretty much of helping hand, as they would be getting us all the recent updates related to our keywords so that
    we can research about the latest trends and also can study our competitors closely.

    Getting the right keyword is very important for us and our web site, as they are the only things which are going to rank us
    well in the search engines and would bring traffic to our web site.

    Thanks for the share.


  • I had never heard of Google Alerts. Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out 🙂

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