How To Use Blogging For Relationship Marketing?

You have regularly heard the term utilized; however did not understand its meaning completely. It does sound somewhat tricky at first, isn’t that correct? Truly all it implies, nevertheless, is constructing great long-term customer bonding.

To transform your present marketing system into relationship marketing, you need to change your viewpoint to some degree. Generally, advertisers have found their relevant marketing sections, entered into the business relationship by making a lucrative deal. It has traditionally been a good solution for both the advertiser and the marketing company.

Relationship marketing involves thinking about clients and customers on a long-term basis. It considers the lifetime business estimate of a client. Numerous specialists think it costs somewhere in the range of six to ten fold the amount, to locate another client, than to sell the product to a current one. In view of those financial constraints, this approach helps to sell effectively and save some money for the company.

Relationship marketing depends on the thought that, individuals like to work with individuals they know and like. Overall, it is simpler to purchase from a friend, than from somebody you have never known about. The emphasis is on a multi-step marketing system that can serve the client for lifetime. It is generally observed that individuals need to hear an offer around seven times before they purchase the product. That idea surely conflicts with the single step marketing technique.

That is the place where a business blog can be truly useful.

As you compose your daily blog posts, your readers become acquainted with you and your business on a more individual level. Your blog starts that exceptionally critical relationship with your prospects and current clients. As they read regularly about your business, products and updates they start to consider themselves as part of the organization.

They are in fact a very important part of your organization!

The readers of your blog slowly turn into the customers and begin to purchase your products. Since they know about you and your business, it is true that they will have inclination towards purchasing your product.

Your existing clients will stay faithful to your business because they will be regular visitors to your blog. Your clients will not just remain faithful; they will frequently bring huge amounts of significant referral business to your organization. Happy customers are the best marketing partners a business can have.

By making a business blog, you can create solid bonds with your current and future clients. Rather than regarding them as numbers, you have built a long-term relationship with them. They will buy your product and services only because they are loyal readers of your blog. Therefore, it cannot be regarded as a one-step marketing strategy.

Making a relationship with your clients and customers does not simply pay off monetarily for your organization. It is additionally remunerating for you and for them.

Begin your blog and start building the long-term relationship with others.

You will be happy you chose a blog for your relationship marketing!

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Indeed we need to establish a healthy relationship with our clients so that we can get benefits from that.

    A happy and satisfied customers are always going to see us if they have any problem or they want to get some
    product which we offer.

    Blogs could be one of the best thing through which we can establish our business.

    Thanks for sharing this one among us.


    • Thank you Shantanu, useful comments and insights by you as always. We need good relationship in order to be successful and use the best methods to help the readers become aware of our business.

  • Nice article it really helps alot

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