How To Use FaceBook To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Facebook is one of the largest social networking site and is among the top 10 sites surfed worldwide according to Alexa Rankings. Most bloggers do not take advantage and miss valuable traffic from Facebook. Let us discuss the techniques you can use to gain exposure for your site and your business on Facebook

1. Build your own network on Facebook
Similar to most other social networks you need to have a network of friends on Facebook as well. You can join a few groups dedicated to your niche or subject you blog passionately about. Send friend requests to all the people in the group you have joined. Facebook has a very good feature where it gives you some friend suggestions depending on how closely your interest match with somebody else on Facebook. You need to sound as honest as you can while sending a friend request in order to convince others and make your network grow. For example if on an average 10 people join you as a friend everyday on Facebook, you will have a network of 1000 people after 100 days, isn’t that an impressive number to start with.

2. Update your status on regularly
It is imperative that you log in regularly and update your status every single day. Do not use predefined templates that can be boring because everyone uses them. Try to be innovative, use love quotes or funny one-liners, jokes or work ethics. The main purpose of this ordeal is to grab the reader’s attention and make them curious to know more about you.

3. Make a business Page
Everybody on Facebook creates a personal page for him/herself. Creating a business page is similar to creating a personal page; you can add your business logo and other relevant details for others to contact you and help grow your business. You can promote your business page on Facebook using blogs, ad campaigns. Encourage others to become a fan of your business by offering them some incentives like T-shirts, books, caps, etc.

4. Change your relationship Status Frequently
It is generally assumed that people don’t change their relationship status regularly as compared to other details in their profile. Facebook places a great deal of importance to changes in relationship status and Facebook highlights that change as important news in your news feed. Many people use this loophole to attract attention to their profiles. It attracts visitors to your profile but it may not reflect you true relationship status. If you use this technique to draw attention make sure you promote your site and your business on your personal page as well.

5. Attend as many events as possible:
Facebook was originally intended as a social network to help friends gather at a place to celebrate an event. All the upcoming events get a very high priority by Facebook. When you attend most of the online events, people will tend to recognize you and out of curiosity will try to visit your profile to learn more about you.

6. Import your blog Feed:
If you are a passionate blogger, you can use Facebook as a medium to get traffic to your blog. You need import your blog’s feed into Facebook and publish them as Facebook notes. Encourage your visitors to comment on your Facebook notes and tag your articles.

7. Comment on popular groups
Visit all the groups you have joined on Facebook regularly and post comments or suggestions. This will attract attention of other members of the group towards your Facebook profile. Try to add something that will be beneficial for the group or post a link that will help in the discussion.

8. Start an event
Events are most popular in Facebook and if promoted properly are capable of having a viral effect, thereby sending millions of visitors to your website. All you need to do is send an invitation to all the friends in your network and if the event is interesting enough, your friends may forward it to their friends in the network. This will go a long way to promoting your site.

So one needs to make a definitive plan to promote their site on Facebook the largest social networking site and get continuous and targeted traffic that will benefit their site in the end.

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  • Good tips on using Facebook. In order to rank highly on any social network or the search engines it’s important to add fresh content to your timeline or page on a regular basis. I would add that you should only “friend” those members who are responsible in what they post.

  • Thanks Jeannette and welcome to my blog. Thanks for adding valuable information to the blog post. I agree to your point that we should make friends only with people having similar interest and avoid spammers as they can spoil the work quickly. It takes lot of time to get appreciation and trust but it takes only a moment of madness from someone to lose it.

  • Hello Neha,

    Great information over here 🙂

    Networking is very important in this online world. The more network we have the more profit we would make to our own.

    Now making friends in every corner of the world is very easy, thanks to Facebook. People are now doing work together and
    working for a company or a person sitting in the USA and while one is sitting in different part of the country.

    We can drive traffic to our blog, by creating a business page on Facebook and interlinking it with our blogs. It can help to
    direct our Facebook friends to our own blogs which can result in a win win situation for us.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Thank you Shantanu.
    Networking is the most important thing for bloggers. You can have a great content on your blog but in order to become an expert and drive traffic to your blog, you need to have good business contacts.

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