How To Use RSS To Get More Readers For Your Blog?

Increase Your RSS Subscribers

If you want to increase subscribers for your blog, it is one of the best ways of doing it. However, a point to be kept in mind here is that an RSS feed is much harder to monetize than a blog. For the same number of people visiting a blog and an RSS feed the income generated by the blog may be several times more than generated by the RSS feed.

Despite very low income, you should still try an increase your RSS subscriptions. One of the important reasons being RSS represents genuine reader base, and anything done to increase your subscribers will definitely increase your blog in the end. Another reason to increase your RSS subscriber base is that some ad networks like take your RSS subscribers into account to determine the price , the more number of RSS subscribers you have the more you would get paid.

Offering a Full feed definitely helps

To increase your subscriber base, you should offer a full feed. Many RSS readers will not sign up for a feed until it is full. Use your RSS to give your readers an enhanced reading experience. Never use RSS as a traffic builder to your post. Many people use this method; I find it very cheap method to get traffic to your post and one that I advise you to avoid totally. Never show your RSS count if it is too small.

Feed Burner provides a nice widget that you can use on your blog to show the number of RSS readers on your blog. The number displayed represents the number of people that accessed your blog the day before. Personally, I advise you to hide the subscriber count until it reaches 30.

A bit of human psychology is involved here. People in general like to play safe. They would not subscribe to a blog with very few readers, even if the blog were very good. It is best to avoid displaying your RSS subscribers until you have sufficient number of subscribers that you can proudly display. The bigger the number of subscribers, the more chances are that new readers will subscribe to it. Smaller the number, less chances of readers subscribing to it.

Be sure that readers see your RSS button

The best place to place the RSS button near the top of your blog preferably on the top left corner that is considered the hot spot in advertising. If you cannot place it there make sure you place it at a place where it is easily visible without scrolling. You should let your readers know that you have a RSS feed and for that, you need your RSS button to be visible. If you are providing a full feed to your subscribers then you must label your RSS button as full feed RSS to let your readers know that they can read all your content from the feed.

Ask your readers to subscribe

You may ask your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed if they liked your blog. You can do so by adding a line at the end of your post like “If you liked my post, please consider subscribing to my full feed RSS”. Instead of doing this, you may edit your template files, so that you may not have to write this for every post that you publish.

Popular blogs retain most of their visitors. It is a myth that popular blogs get thousands of new readers every day. Most of the visitors are the ones who visit the blog regularly. It would make people remember about your blog and make them return to your blog that would not have been possible if they would not have subscribed to the RSS feed. This results in an increase in traffic in the end.

How did you implement RSS feeds on your blog? How many RSS subscribers does your blog have?  Please share your experience with others.

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