How To Use Social Media To Boost Your SEO?

SEO has evolved over the years to keep pace with constantly changing algorithms of Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, one thing which has remained constant is that content has retained its importance in SEO. Social media marketing and SEO are interlinked together. Social media marketing has gained more importance than search engine traffic in the recent years. Social media success depends on high quality visible content and strong brand presence. If you have a strong brand presence, it is likely that more people would link to your brand as well as website.

Let us have a look at tips to improve your social media SEO:

1. Growing your network
The number of connections on your social media profile decides your authority. This authority plays important role in search engine ranking, site with higher number of followers will rank higher as compared to others with less or no followers. Growing your network is a time consuming process but once it is established, it will help boost SEO and rankings automatically.

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2. Your social network profiles give relevant information about you
A brief introduction about your experience and your authority in the field is mandatory. People tend to look up to the people who have been working in the field for decent amount of time. Include site URL and targeted keywords in your profile. When people share your post on social media, they are helping in you create awareness about your brand which enhances your reputation in the field. Check out these instagram bio ideas to give you some help getting started.

3. Use descriptive titles with targeted keywords
While posting on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook make sure that your title contains targeted keywords. In addition, the short snippet must contain long tail targeted keywords and link to your website. A picture speaks thousand words. If you can include an attractive picture along with great title and description, the post is likely to go viral. Once the social media share goes viral, you can expect some sites to link to the original content and help improve search engine rankings.

4. Make the post engaging
Social media is a platform where you can easily start a conversation with anyone you know. Sometimes it is necessary to start the conversation with your readers to let the ball rolling. Asking a question or offering some advice which audience is looking out for can help. Audience easily shares these posts and it becomes easy to catch attention of more people in this manner. This helps build credibility and show your concern towards your audience. Adding a social widget for recent comments on your social networking profile can help boost your authority and in turn your SEO results.

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5. Build relationship with social media influencers
A share by the influencers in your field with make the audience curious to know more about you and your business. It is likely that people would use search engines to know more information about you. This will help you become more important and hence your site will rank better in search results. When an influencer mentions you, it creates a positive impression on others. This will help create brand awareness, open new opportunities and boost your SEO.

6. Research what your competitors are doing
Analyse your competition to understand keywords targeted by them. This will help you improve your search engine rankings for those keywords by attracting links from higher authority sites. You must share content with relevant keywords frequently in order to gain traction for them. If you need to do well in particular niche it is important that you know your competition and find a way to rank better.

In order to be successful it may be necessary to mix standard SEO practices along with social media SEO to be more effective. While social media helps build authority, SEO will help you get targeted readers for your brand / product. Thus, it is necessary to optimize social media profiles, connect with influencers in your field and post relevant updates on every social media network. Do not try to span your followers by posting same content too frequently. Over the period, as you implement the techniques you will become better influencer in your field and success will be just a formality.

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