Importance And Significance Of Deep Linking

If you have been Blogging for a while now and have decent number of posts, you should always try to deep link to some of your older posts. By deep linking to some of your old articles, you make your readers aware of an important post that they might have missed. You help search engine index your old posts better by deep linking. If you have sufficient number of posts I suggest you try and deep link to at least two of your posts in every new post you write.

As a rule, you should link to your older posts only when they are relevant to the topic of your current post. However, as an exception to this rule you can deep link to any or all of your posts only by being creative and choosing the topic wisely. If you cannot find any topic, here is one for just for you all wherein you can deep link to all your posts. The title can be “Blast from The Past.” In this topic, you can describe your journey till now and in the description can deep link to most of your older posts.

Scrap the Scrapers
Another reason for you to deep link to some of your older posts is because of scrappers. If you offer a full feed RSS then beware of scrappers, scrappers are individuals who copy the content of your blog and place it on their blog. Most scrappers copy the entire post as it is and hence your deep links are intact in the post. In such case, you would get SEO benefits and some free visitors to your post.

Deep linking also helps you find out the culprits using your content on their blogs without permission. You will get pingbacks from the blogs using your content because you have deep linked to your blogs. You can flag that blog, so that the blog using your content stops using it further. This is important because if some other site copies your content, Google will impose a duplicate content penalty and this will have negative impact on your Google rankings.

Use a Descriptive text when deep linking
This is a mistake done by most of the bloggers attempting to deep link to some of their older posts. Do not try and deep link to your older post using an anchor text “Click Here”. It doesn’t have any value for SEO. Instead, you must rehash what your old post is about in short and use it as anchor text for deep linking. Same rule applies when linking to other sites from your blog.

Difficulties in Deep Linking
You will face difficulties when you try to create deep links. One could be that most of the webmasters of other sites will link only to your homepage instead of a particular post. Same thing goes when you submit your site to most of the directories; they will only link to your homepage.

Tips for Creating Deep Links Successfully
Write free articles and submit it to various free article submission directories. You can put a link to one of your old article in “About the author Box”. Ideally you should try and write an article each week to use for promotion and submit it to as many free article submission directories as possible, making sure that you don’t put the link to same article while submitting to different directories. Use different link for each directory submission, this helps you in deep linking to most of your articles and get traffic to each of your old posts.

Another method although being very easy, requires both time and effort. Take keywords from each of your post make hyperlink of that keyword and post it to another page on your site. Make sure you spread it evenly to give maximum exposure to your site. A point to remember is that do not put all hyperlinks to a single page, as it will send a wrong signal among your readers and they will consider it as spam.

So my take on Deep linking. Deep linking still works and no matter how many times the search engines change their algorithms, they cannot underestimate the importance of deep links. So if you are not doing it, try building deep links from now.

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