Importance Of A Well-Designed Homepage On Your Blog

Your home page is not just the home page of your blog. It is the main identity of your blog around the internet. Your home page is an entry to all the other pages on your website. Hence, it must have great design and guide visitors to all other relevant information they are looking for without any difficulties.

Most of the internet users have a limited attention span and hence it is important to grab the attention of readers as quickly as possible. Hence, it is always a good idea to make your visitors read less to understand more. In other words keep the number of words on your home page to a bare minimum and if required use some graphics to help illustrate your ideas.

A good homepage is essential to build a successful website and make your blog a global phenomenon. Whether you have a commercial website or a personal blog, you need to keep the following things in mind before you design and construct your homepage.

1. How good are your relationships with your readers?
Are you good at building trust and relationships with your readers? There are number of tools that you can utilize for building trust and long-term relationship with your readers. You can use newsletters, social bookmarking, testimonials, references and other tools to effectively build and increase your readership base and number of people who trust you.

2. A Great Headline
Headline is the first thing a reader gets to see and decide whether it is worthwhile to stay on a blog or look around for information or go somewhere else. Your headline should make your readers understand the value of your website and project your blog as the best blog in your niche. Headline serves as a bait to make your readers stop and look at your blog with positive frame of mind.

3. A Good Introduction
An introduction is a precursor; it describes the main theme of your blog. Normally bloggers stuff too many keywords in the introduction section of the website; this would help in SEO but can be annoying sometimes for your readers. Be nice to your readers and do not think about SEO write an introduction without thinking about any special keywords that may increase your search engine rankings.

4. Make your archives easy to find
Readers are looking for information when they visit a blog, information must be easily accessible by the readers. All blog posts category and labels should match the content, so that it is easy for the readers to find the information. Planning and organizing the information on your blog therefore becomes a necessity in order to have a user-friendly design.

5. Highlight latest posts and information
You must include a section on your blog home page that provides information about the latest news in your niche as well as your latest blog posts. You may include latest blog posts from your favourite blogs in order to keep your readers updated about the latest news and happenings in your niche.

6. Include interactive tools on your website
Blogging is a two way process and it must remain the same. Therefore, it is better to provide tools so that your readers can share their thoughts and experiences on your blog. In addition, the tools may help you fix any errors which your readers may notice and report to you.

7. Include your contact information
As a blogger, you must be easy to approach and contact. You must provide minimum your email address and if possible your phone number so that your readers can contact you easily. If this is not possible, at least you must include a contact form on your home page to let your readers contact you.

A well-designed homepage serves as a good ingredient to converting new visitors into regular ones and keep your regular readers informed about the latest news and updates in their area of interest.

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