Importance Of Adding Twitter To Your Blog

Twitter can help maximize your business potential by helping you understand the reactions and needs of your customers. However, for this it is necessary to understand how you can use Twitter to communicate effectively with your followers and friends.

Twitter is a powerful tool that you can use to send short messages or notifications to your customers. They receive instant notifications bout the latest news, events and other information related to your business. The only necessity being that one must have a twitter account and following you in order to receive these updates.

Not everyone is too keen to join this service and everyone has its own reservations about using this service for business communication.

How to communicate with your customers who do not have a twitter account? There is a method by which you can still make sure that your customers are aware of the latest updates irrespective of their activities on Twitter. Twitter updates feed is easy to install on your website directly and there are many plugins available to help you accomplish this task.

This method goes beyond the usual necessity of keeping your readers informed. If there is a piece of news or information which is of interest to your readers, Twitter status updates on your blog is probably the easiest method to share it quickly and effectively. Updating content using Twitter is much more effective as compared to any other service.

How to add status updates to your blog and help readers keep pace with updates on your blog?

1. Sign in to your Twitter account; go to profile and settings tab.

2. Select widgets option from the sidebar.

3. If you have not made any widget previously click on create new.

4. You will see five options to choose from profile, likes, list, collection and search.

5.Choose and customize the widgets according to your needs, follow the instructions to add Twitter updates to your website.

What to do as a blogger?

Add Twitter status updates to your blog. If you do not have a Twitter account, it is time to have one now. Tweet every time you publish a new post or you read an article that you would like to share with your readers. You would definitely see an increase in number of people who visit your blog.

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  • Thank you so much to provide a very informative article about importance of twitter in blog. It’s really helpful. Keep it up

  • Hello Neha,

    Good tips over here 🙂

    Indeed Twitter is one of the most effective tool when it comes to share or stuff or branding our self on the online world,
    almost every business owner is one twitter and so is the customers. There are millions and millions of people who use twitter
    every day. Thus it can be one of the most effective platform for getting traffic to our blogs.

    Thanks for the share.


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