Importance Of Web Design And Banners

People can spend months and months on getting their website design perfect.

There are many websites that are just full of text but they still make huge profits.

In addition, we have come across websites that have been designed by very talented designers…but they make very little income for the owner.


Because the ‘just text’ websites provide the information which visitors are looking for. (In addition, it is promoted to attract visitors).

What about the fully design website?

They did not offer anything that visitors needed or wanted. It just looked very nice! 🙂

Hence, that is it.

Visitors just admire and leave…never to return.

So, if you are reading this article because your goal is to start your own Internet business (perhaps even start it from scratch) and make some income, then we advise you not to spend loads of your time, efforts and money on creating a very beautiful website.

So, what type of website I would recommend?

Talking about the web design:

A resourceful informative website with some images (perhaps video) and links to more resources your visitors are looking for…is enough.

Talking about the web content:

You should be sharing what you KNOW your visitors need.

That is enough!

Another matter is how people will know that your website exists.

This is the issue of website promotion, advertising, SEO (or whatever way you use to advertise/promote your website, on or off-line*).

If you are just starting your Internet business and you are looking for a banner, there are many websites offering free to use images. You can use one of them for your website.

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  • You make such a great point in this post. The issue is one of substance that is of importance to the readers, not ‘show’ as such. So many people seem to lose sight of this fundamental principle and you have articulated this so well here.

  • Yes ..websites needmatter..substance not just beauty to attract people..
    Well expressed..

  • Very helpful post. I was looking something like that to share with my colleague. Sometimes people are get lost during building the website!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Very well said, the audience visits a site in some sort of expectations or finding a solution to a problem, they rarely expect a fancy entertainment instead of the information, this is the reason why so many blogs that have invested too much on design and less on content and marketing suffer while the other who have content rich assets and decent looking site or blog do better money wise. Thanks for the article.

  • You make such an interesting perspective on this. I’m constantly thinking about recreating my web design, I never know what I like best and if it’s really working. Sometimes it’s even based on my mood. You’re right too, I usually go toward the ones with a lot of pictures but if there isn’t a lot of content, I move on quickly.

  • You only keep enlightening me day by day. I have learnt so much from your website. Cannot thank you enough.

  • This is so true, like myself I have waisted so much time in looking for beautiful images for my content, but the actual content is most important for readers!

  • Hey Neha, I am so glad I found your website as I am a new blogger and I am going through a lot of learning. Thank you so much for sharing. Would be visiting you quite often.

  • Web design is definitely an important aspect to gain more readers. Keeping them engaged with the content and information is the key. Thank you for pointing out the essential pointers.

  • Thank you for posting. I agree, it is important to blog about a topic that will be useful to the readers.

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