Important Facts About Make Money Online Niche

Make money online is the most over populated niche. Every experienced or novice blogger claims that he has ideas that will help others make extra money. In reality, only a handful of bloggers deliver what they promise to their readers. To make some serious money though, the answer is to look into stocks. Loads of support can be found at Stocktrades to help you make smart choices. Majority of the bloggers are more concerned about making money themselves rather than helping their readers make some money. Bloggers are the most influential people in this world; more so than politicians, actors or even sports persons. Bloggers have a wider reach and do not bias their opinions based upon religion or community.

Blogging is a very honest profession and bloggers are special. Bloggers spend their valuable time to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with others. If blogging isn’t for you, there’s an article in WAH Pursuit that shows an alternative method that allows you to make some money online.

Some important facts about making money online niche.

1) Its difficult – I am lying if I tell you that all the points mentioned below are plain myths. Whenever I search for “quick cash” and “easy money” and get millions of results but none is helpful. Why is it so difficult to make money online?

2) I need to have a strong online presence – This is very important if you have a website or blog. One can make money online without having a website or blog, but it again depends on an individual’s choice. Even if you are looking to make money online by affiliate marketing, it is necessary to have a website to boost your sales.

3) I must write quality articles – This is the most difficult part. Writing quality articles takes a lot of time especially if you are the lone person who is responsible for maintaining your blog. Most bloggers tend to copy content from other website. This not advisable for long-term future of your blog.

4) I must bring in a lot of traffic – Everyone measures the success of a website based on the number of visitors it receives every day. Traffic is important for a blog and huge traffic denotes high credibility of the blogger.

5) I have to promote my site crazily – You must promote your content any and everywhere possible. It is a tough task and there is very little reward for high inputs. You bookmark the content; send it to your friends, Tweet, Digg but still no signs of making any money from your blog. This gets you frustrated and forces you to quit. Remember try to optimize your site for organic traffic. Organic traffic is highly targeted and easy to convert in terms of click and sales.

6) I must socialize with other bloggers – You must try to build a mini community of blogs that belong to the same niche as yours. Socialize, comment and interact with each other to know each other better. There is nothing better for promotion than by word of the mouth.

7) I do not know HTML – If you are a blogger and you do not know HTML, it is the right time to start learning it. You need to learn the basics that can help you make your blog a better blog. At least one must know how to use a link and anchor text. Devote some time to learn the basics that will get you through without much trouble at all.

8) Too much competition – Every niche is overpopulated. It is difficult to write a post and get it to the top of search rankings instantly. There are millions of sites competing for several keywords; people pay others to get their site listed on first page of Google. The best method could be to optimize your site for keywords that have lesser competition in order to get your site listed on first page of Google easily.

9) You are unable to sell affiliate products – Selling affiliate products is never easy but there are millions of people doing just that and making a living out of it. Then why do you fail to make any sales? It could be that you do not have a sound strategy or it is difficult for Internet users to find you easily. Build reputation and trust; promote products that you have good knowledge.

10) I need an opt-in email list – It is one of the most important things to consider developing, especially if you are looking to boost your affiliate sales in the end. You need to build an opt-in list of people who have subscribed to receives updates from you that could be newsletters, blog updates or hot deals. One must know how to effectively manage and keep on adding people to the list.

11) I have to offer free stuff – Think about it. You are trying to make some money online and on the other hand, you are offering something free. You must offer free stuff to your readers when they join your opt-in list and/or subscribe to your blog. This will help build your credibility and create a positive impact on your subscribers. Create an eBook and offer it free to every readers that subscribes to your blog or opt-in list as a token of appreciation.

12) You cannot click on own ads – This is the most difficult rule to accept. If you can click on your own ads without any restrictions then you do not have to depend on others to make money online. Unfortunately, bloggers cannot do so and doing it will only land you in trouble.

13) I must take care of SEO – Search Engine traffic is the best and the cheapest form of traffic that will help you make money online. Effective SEO will mean that people will find you for important search phrases. If you can rank well for a set of keywords, you will get enough traffic that will bring in adequate amount of money for your liking.

14) I cannot make money on autopilot – people buy eBook that claims that you can make money on autopilot. The main problem being that you show patience and wait for a long time only to see no money made from it. This will get you frustrated, as you do not receive the things promised to you in a timely manner.

The Conclusion:
As I mentioned earlier that making money online is difficult. Many bloggers find it difficult to make any money from their blog. It is a fact. The intention of writing this post is to encourage people to show some patience and take care of some facts that will help you make money online in the end.

To make money online you need to put in a lot of effort. If you are not willing to put in the required effort, it is time to rethink your strategy. If you can do all the stuff mentioned above, you will achieve success sooner rather than later. Never give up on your dreams. Remember if you do not dream, you will not turn your goals into reality.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Very informative piece of article over here 🙂

    Indeed many bloggers complain about that how can we make online money through our niche.

    Being in blogging business one needs to be helpful, without thinking about their own profit they should promote their fellow
    bloggers as well their customers.
    Its is also that what ever niche we choose there is a flooded competition everywhere. Millions of people blogs upon the same
    topic, so we need to set up our priorities so that we could be a long player.

    Thanks for sharing these tips among us.


  • Very informative and interesting article.
    Keep spreading your knowledge with us.

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