Improve Your Blog By Writing Great Sales Pitch

Sales pitch is very important for bloggers. It helps you to make your blog successful. You might be wondering why it is important for all bloggers to have a sales pitch.

What is a sales pitch?
A sales pitch refers to describing your product or service in a very short span of time. It is something that gives information to your potential customer (or readers in this case) in less than 60 seconds.

The first minute is very important if you want to convert a new reader into a potential subscriber of your blog. Hence providing maximum information about you as a blogger and the topics covered on your blog is of utmost importance in order to get the new readers interested. This will help them stick to your blog and go through some of your posts as opposed to moving on to another blog during the first 60 seconds.

The goal of a blogger must be to grab the attention of a new reader and encourage him to know more about you as a blogger (and your blog).

How to write sales pitch for your blog?
As a blogger, you must be clear in your mind about the topic that you want to cover on your blog. It is always better to have a narrow niche as compared to covering all the topics under the sun. If you know what your blog is all about, you can write a sales pitch that will help others understand about your blog. Narrowing down your niche and having a sales pitch will help you develop all the aspects of your blog including

• Content creation

• Blog promotion

• Finding readers for your blog


• Optimizing design and layout of your blog. and much more

Places where you can use sales pitch on your blog

1. Blog title and description
This is the very first thing a reader notices about your blog. The blog title and description are visible on all pages of your blog. It acts as a gateway to your blog. Hence, you must have an appropriate title as well as description of your blog and topics covered on it. If a reader is not happy by your blog title and description, he may leave your blog and may never return. Getting them hooked to your blog is the first step in building a relationship with your readers.

2. About me page
This is an ideal page for a blogger to communicate extensively with his new readers. An about me page must include a blogger’s bio and his achievements in this field. In addition, he may include in brief the reasons for starting his blog and goals that he wants to achieve with this blog. If used effectively, it helps to get new readers to subscribe to your blog.

3. Social media profiles
Social media is one of the major sources of traffic to many blogs. Unlike search engines where one needs to wait for the blog post indexing before receiving any traffic, social media can bring traffic to blog almost instantaneously. Profile on social media websites must be such that it compels others to know more about you by visiting your blog. It is very important to plan what you want to put together an information technology strategy in order to steer your business blog in the correct direction.

How to write a sales pitch for your blog?
While writing a sales pitch for your blog, you must keep in mind the following facts:

• Define your objectives.

• Be clear and keep it short.

• Define your audience and write accordingly.

• Ask a question to get them involved.

My sales pitch
I always wanted to write a sales pitch for my blog, what better time to write it than this one. Here is my new sales pitch posted on the description of my blog.

“Helping bloggers improve their blog and make money online for free. Tips and suggestion that help you build a better blog and make money from your blog for free.”

I have one more sales pitch on about me page, it is a bit longer but it gives a reader an overview about this blog and myself.

Write a sales pitch for your blog
Once you have determined your blog’s purpose, it is time for you to write a sales pitch for your blog. You might even consider writing a post about it to let your readers understand the long-term goals you want to achieve with your blog.

If you cannot think of an appropriate sales pitch for your blog, ask your readers to describe your blog in one or two sentences. This will give you an idea to develop a good sales pitch for your blog. I would like to know about your sales pitch. Please let me know if you have changed your sales pitch on your blog or introduced it if you did not have one earlier.

I would like to read your sales pitch and help you if cannot think of one yourself.

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  • Your article is very unique and powerful for new reader.

  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Be selective in our blog niche and staying stuck with is one of the most important things one can do. Staying focused on
    our niche and working all along that is the key to increase the sales point. Its always good to know that what our audiences
    want to read, if they get the same relevant topic on our blogs they would turn out to be the loyal customers for us.

    Getting things circulated on social media platforms is one of the main factors that would affect our sales pitch.

    Thanks for the share.


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