Increase Traffic By Promoting Best Articles On Your Blog

While it is good if you promote your blog as a whole, but it is not all about driving traffic to your blog’s homepage. A blogger must aim to receive traffic to every single post on his blog.

As a blogger, you will have greater success if you can promote individual posts on your blog as opposed to only your blog’s homepage. This will help build up a blog which can sustain and build a huge readership base, a blog where there is something for every reader. Before you hit the publish button, you should have an idea about how to promote it.

Let us look at some of the ways a blogger can use to promote individual posts on his blog

1. Ask for a link from other bloggers
If you think your post is worthy of being linked by other bloggers, send an email to top bloggers in your niche asking them to link to your blog post. It is not easy to get others to link to your posts free; it involves a secret technique not shared by most of the bloggers.

2. Make your blog post go viral on social networks
You can use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. in order to promote your posts. Do not be a spammer let it go viral naturally. Having a large number of fan following definitely helps in this case.

3. Social bookmarking sites
Promoting your posts on social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon can lead to fantastic results. There are many posts on StumbleUpon getting over a million hits in less than 30 days, the key in this case is to understand the pulse of your audience and write posts accordingly.

4. Deep linking
Instead of promoting your blog post on other blogs, you can promote it on your blog itself. In case you have written on the same topic before it is better to link your older posts. This has two fold benefits – firstly it helps your readers discover some of your older posts and secondly it helps in SEO, as Domain Authority as well as Page Authority are more even across all the blog posts as compared to being concentrated only on your blog’s homepage.

5. Email list
If you have an email list, it is better to let your subscribers know about the latest post on your blog.

6. Comment on other blogs
Commenting on other blogs can be sometimes very helpful to bring traffic to your blog. Make sure that you leave meaningful and relevant comment to the context of the post. Sometimes leaving a link to your post can be appropriate if the situation demands it.

7. Participating in Online forums
Online forums can bring huge traffic to your blog if you can start a thread that encourages others to participate. It is all about engaging others and making them feel part of the conversation.

8. E-mail signatures
Everyone adds a link to their blog’s homepage in the signature field. You can be different by adding a link to an individual post on your blog instead of your blog’s homepage.

9. Breaking longer posts into a series of posts

Instead of writing longer posts, it is better to split these posts into a number of smaller post where each posts follows the idea of the previous post. This helps you to easily interlink your posts and drive traffic to these posts.

10. Advertise your post using PPC campaigns
If you believe that your post has what it takes to help your blog grow and attain greater heights, you can consider starting a medium sized ad campaign for the post. You can use PPC ad networks like Adwords or Bidvertiser.

How to improve traffic to your blog?

Choose one of the post in your archives which you think is worthy of getting more attention. Use any of the above methods to promote your post. Find places where you can promote your post, find people who will help promote your post. Make sure that you are promoting your best post until date in order to get instant results.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Greta tips over here 🙂

    Establishing the relationship with other bloggers or our audiences is something that needs to be done with lot of
    planning. People love to get featured or talked about their self on some one else space. This is how the things works
    on Internet. It acts good for the both, the person who wants to publish other person blog on their page and the person who
    is getting published on the other person blog.

    Posting frequently and asking our friends to share our stuff on the social media platform can really help us a lot. If the
    post get maximum numbers of hits and share then there is something people wants to know more about that person and
    what is he up to. There is always a shiny post in our pocket which can help us to make in the lime light just by promoting
    it well enough on the Internet.

    Blog commenting is something I have loved a lot, it has acted as a backbone for me, through these years. Leaving a decent
    and meaningful comment on other bloggers space, to catch their attention as well as the visitors who visit their blogs.

    This could result in engaging our self with more and more traffic.

    Thanks for the share.


  • With such great posts on yr blog, one can only benifit in the best ways.

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