Is It Correct To Include Blogs In Google Search Results?

Ranking high in search engine results is essential for websites to survive and flourish for a long time.

Being positioned number one, for your targeted keywords helps achieve business goals easily for most sites.

This includes all types of websites including blogs.

Luckily, blogs practically satisfy all the requirements of Google search.

Google views incoming links as critical in computing the importance of a site. There is a strong influence of incoming links to a website in Google’s calculation for placement of sites in search engine rankings.

Since bloggers are common and practically top linkers, Google’s calculation was apparently composed keeping blogs in mind.

Similar mechanism works for content. It holds true that on the web, “quality written content makes all the difference”. Thus, blogs genuinely hold the keys to the internet search rankings and quality.

The search engines send out their bots to crawl the web, hunting down for freshly updated web pages. Since numerous conventional sites are “static”, and seldom get any fresh material added, they do not change. The Google bot, and the other web search tools, will find no convincing motivation to visit such websites more than about once per month.

Since bloggers refresh their blogs frequently (regularly a few times each day), Google’s search engine spider will visit them frequently. Search engine spiders visit the sites as often as possible that update on regular basis.

It appears that regular updates, as a feature of the Google approach, was again practically composed considering blogging. Blogs have only played inside the standards as set out by the different search engines; Google included.

Obviously, the bloggers’ internet searcher achievement is not without its own drawbacks.

Traditionalists who decline to separate between news, business and educational blogs from one perspective, and online blogs on the other, are crying foul. The situation created may be intentional in order to take away the advantage from blogs. If the standard site cannot compete with blogs, they want to change the rules. However, this may reduce the quality of search engine results and the information presented by the search results may not be up to date.

Static sites cannot maintain their position in the search engine results for a long time. On the other hand blogs can regain the top slot in search engine results by adding new content to their site.

Since one updates blog more often as compared to standard sites, the standard sites fall behind. Neglecting to have a decent linking strategy harms the standard websites too. To counter the impact of blogs on the search engine rankings, static website owners request Google to expel blogs from the search results. As per their opinion, they need blogs shown separately in the search results.

Nature of content offered by blogs play a very important role. Since the best blogs give great content as many elegantly composed articles, it is just appropriate the search engines would rank them higher. Google and others have officially chosen which blogs deliver quality content and thus rank them higher in search results.

Relevance of keywords play an important role in search engine algorithms. Blog posts are written by keeping targeted keywords in mind. The bloggers are giving the best possible “quality content” for the web-search engine spiders.

Google thinks about incoming links in determining the usefulness of a webpage. Link much as possible. Having better domain authority sites linking to your blog boosts your chances to rank higher in search results. Once more, blogs are playing by the rules laid down by Google search engine and not breaking them in any manner.

Blogs are what the web should be from the beginning. Interconnecting links of data, moving from one site to another. Traditional sites have lost some of that vision.

Blogs are making that fantasy a more prominent reality. Your blog is exactly what the web requested!

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