It All Starts With A Good Website

Online marketing is effective and cheaper than the traditional methods of marketing. It is easier to track customer response and build relationships to advantage.

The whole idea of taking your small business online is to cut down on operational expenses and also to widen your customer base. An online venture helps you cut down on rental and employee costs and should ideally be also able to bring down your marketing and promotional costs. This is to be expected as online advertising and marketing is much cheaper than print or television media. So are you effectively using online promotions to market your website?

The story begins when you have to make a good website. There can be no ifs nor buts regarding the quality of your website and the product or service that you are offering online. Once you are ready with a good website look around for cheap hosting packages that suit your needs and also are easy on the pocket. Once you have launched your website online you will need a good email responder and you are all set. The next step is to indulge in effective online promotion and advertising to attract traffic to your website.

A recent poll report by Harris Polls is titled to convey the impression that a large number of people still turn to print media when they are on the look out for bargains. Nothing could be more misleading. The poll itself shows that it is the older generation which leans towards print media and the younger lot is now looking online for bargains. The poll also reflects that the ones with more purchasing power are the ones who prefer online bargains. Nothing could be better news for your small online venture.

With more potential buyers turning to the virtual shopping malls, it makes sense to reach out to their inboxes with bargains, coupons, discounts and other promotional stuff. It is not too difficult to find the right target market online. Once you have touched them with emails, keeping a track of their response and interest is relatively easier in the virtual world.

You can easily keep track of who opened your email, and of them who visited your website and further still who took advantage of your offer. This can help you narrow down to those who could be potential or even regular customers. You can then build and maintain relationships with them. This is definitely not possible when you use the print media.

Another surprise that this poll threw up was that to most people are not particular about one medium or the other, so one can safely assume that that anyone can look online for a bargain. Practically speaking email marketing packs the punches of both direct marketing and mail marketing combined.

This doesn’t mean that print media is to be entirely ruled out. Certain situations warrant the need of print marketing. In case your virtual venture is an extension of a real world business; print media can help you cover the market segments that may not be touched with online marketing. To gauge the effectiveness of your print marketing, you can include coupons that may be redeemed in exchange of gifts or discounts. The number of coupons that come back to you will give you a fair idea of how effective your campaign has been.

This is definitely more expensive than the cheap software that you can easily incorporate in your online website to keep track of customer behavior.

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  • Thank you sharing such great and useful tips!

  • I do agree that it is easier to track engagement with online marketing. Also, online marketing is so much more convenient for many people, especially those that spend alot of time each day on the internet. Great post!q

  • Hello Neha,

    Good one over here πŸ™‚

    Indeed a good web site is the main thing on which our which our whole business model stands and to choose it smartly is
    highly recommended. When we are working through a normal web sites, who’s loading speed takes way to long and if the
    site is not mobile friendly then its obvious that we are leaving large amount of money in the table and also it
    can cost us our reputation.

    Building relationship with our clients is one of the most important thing, we need to know what they are actually looking for
    and how can we came in and make them show what they are looking for, we have that with also some attractive offers to
    add upon the other side.

    Thanks for the share.


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