How To Make Your Old Posts Better?

No blogger can keep every one of the posts in his archives in line with recent information. There are dependably a couple of posts in the archives that should be enhanced to make them more valuable for the readers. You might need to rework because they have failed to meet expectations in a single manner or the other.

  • Search for posts that you have composed that for some reason do not live up to the expectations. This may be because:
  • You did not give enough time and hence the quality was not up to the mark.
  • Your post needed for information to be added to make it complete
  • The information is now obsolete
  • You have changed your sentiment on what you composed
  • A key component in the post (like the title, organizing, or opening lines) was inadequately
  • You were not right in your post and it contains genuine blunders
  • You know more now about the point than you did when you initially composed it
  • In the event that the update is critical, compose another post on your blog connecting back to the old one.

Approaches to Refresh a Post and Give It New Life

The following are seven ways that you can refresh a post. While it is composed from the point of view of making another post, I feel that the vast majority of it can undoubtedly be connected to refreshing old posts as well.

1. Creating Your Post Title
If one component lets down posts more than others it is the post title. A title can mean the contrast between a post being successful or not. Improve the titles on a couple of old posts and see them have new rope of life essentially in light of the fact that the title changed.

2. Introduction
Your post’s title will probably allure individuals to read your opening line, yet it should be an incredible introduction to make readers stay and read on further.

3. Suggestion to take action
what do you need individuals to do when they have read your post? As a rule, bloggers just let posts end without calling readers to do anything. Posts with a suggestion to take action give readers a subsequent step.

4. Increase Depth of your posts
Many blog posts that I read would be substantially more fruitful if the blogger had spent only a couple of additional minutes giving cases, including a representation, recommending further perusing, imparting an insight, etc.

5. Quality Checks
Many posts could become better with some additional editing. Likewise, focus on joins that may have turned out to be dead or actualities that you show that are dated or off base for current readers.

6. Cleaning Posts
How your post looks has a gigantic effect upon how they are dealt with by readers. An awesome looking post can mean the contrast between a post being read and circulating around the web and a post that goes unnoticed.

7. Discussion
for some bloggers once a post is published it goes off the radar for the blogger, but readers interaction continues by way of comments, shares and other methods for a long time.

Pick a post in your archives that has content that you would want to enhance, at that point compose another post connecting back to that post. That way the old post stays in place and your thoughts range broadened. You can connect to your new post from the old one.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Good tips over here 🙂

    This is very useful tactics, sometime adding up new things in old blog post and re-publishing them can really out run the
    things for us.

    Indeed tittle of the post matters a lot, it can judge whether the post is going to be successful or not, so its very obvious
    to choose the tittle of the post very smartly so that it can leave a positive impact on the people.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips among us.


  • Very valuable advice. I do it. Yesterday I added medium size images for each post link in one cornerstone page and the look completely changed.

  • Hi Neha, Those were valuable tips
    It’s always good to keep on editing the older posts with some fresh information.

    Adding a Call to action end if the post makes sense. At times, even if post ranks on the the first page, still one won’t get good CTR to it. Changing the title can make the difference. A good read. Thanks.


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