Managing Lead Generation In Multiple Countries At Once

Most businesses realize that to stay competitive in the global marketplace, they need to put effort into tailoring a web experience for their target markets. Part of developing a global marketing strategy is lead generation. You’re probably already familiar with what your organization is doing to generate leads in your home market, but do you have systems in place for generating leads abroad? In this article, we will dive into the importance of translation services and localization services when it comes to generating leads in other countries.

While you may be tempted to take shortcuts, it’s not enough to tackle your blog translation or website translation by merely swapping the content from English to the language of your target market. Many of your web pages will need to be localized in order to meet the cultural expectations of your target market. Some may even need to be trans created, where changes are more fundamental.

To make all this effort profitable, you need a robust lead generation system combined with language translation services that are specifically targeted to your potential market.

Can Your Marketing Team Handle Your Translation?

Relying on your in-house marketing team to understand the needs of many different countries is probably not going to be possible. In addition, hiring new team members with sufficient skill and experience to translate and localize your lead generation campaigns can be time-consuming and costly. To truly reap the benefits of such an undertaking, it is essential to look for translation agencies that can help you jump start your lead generation systems.

Interacting with your markets in different countries and languages is a massive project. It could easily overwhelm you and your current employees. After all, do your regular marketing or lead generation managers speak multiple languages? Do you know what the linguistic and cultural expectations of your market are in China, as compared to Norway? How about in other countries? Can you hire someone to translate all of your lead gen materials in every language? And what about ongoing blog translation?

The complexities are staggering. Many businesses thus decide to enlist the help of translation companies, with linguists and professionals who specialize in the local culture.

Localizing Your Lead Generation Content

Consumers don’t usually browse sites that aren’t in their native language. If you want your potential customers to stay for a while on your blog, website, or social media page, you need to make sure that the content you offer is relevant and localized to the target market. This means carrying out in-depth research on the culture of your target audience, to figure out what will and won’t work for them. Then, you need to customize your lead generation tools for the best response, tailoring them through translation and localization services that are laser-focused on the relevant culture.

The global landscape is shifting, and lead generation strategies have to cater to an ever-growing number of devices, platforms, and channels of communication in a way that personalizes the experience for individual users. For example, in certain countries, Twitter is the platform that attracts the most consumers, while others are geared more toward Facebook. Qzone in China is the most popular social platform, while in Russia, VKontakte is the favorite. Your challenge is to conduct adequate market research in your target countries to understand how best to connect with local consumers. Translation and localization services are essential to accomplishing this task.

Outsourcing to a Translation Agency

If you choose to outsource your multilingual lead generation to a skilled translation agency or professional translator, be clear on what they can offer you. Here are a few things to consider:

What kind of translators will you be able to choose from?
The translators should be skilled in your target language, ideally as native speakers who understand the cultural nuances of the region or country in question.

How can the translation agency best help you meet your lead generation goals?
It helps if you have specific goals in mind. For example, are you planning to generate leads through targeted social media ads, emails, or other sales funnels? What materials will need to be translated in order to achieve this?

How will communication take place?
A project of this size requires excellent communication, but how will communication flow? Is there one point of contact that you will email of speak to on the phone? Will there be meetings to discuss milestones and issues you might have? How available will they be for you?

What sort of reporting will you get?
A marketing campaign isn’t complete without extensive reporting and analysis. You will need an overview of what is working to gain insight that will allow you to modify your lead generation methods as you go along.

If you want to expand with more languages, can they accommodate you?
Maybe you want to start with just a German site, but you are considering other languages later in the year. Will their translation services accommodate you by translating in these languages as well, or will you have to start from scratch with another translation company?

A productive lead generation project is not always easy, but with the right players in place you can simplify it and create a step-by-step plan. Unless you have an enormous multilingual staff with lead generation skills who are also well versed in localization, it’s best to outsource something like this. For a small, one language project, a professional freelance translator with marketing skills might work. However, if you planto expand your blog or website into multiple languages and countries, it is best to use a translation agency. These companies are devoted to translating your lead generation materials to achieve maximum results.  

Author Bio

Ofer Tirosh is CEO of Tomedes, a translation company that provides a diverse range of linguistic services for clients around the world, covering over 90 languages in total. Ofer has a passion for languages and has led Tomedes for over a decade, building up a global network of translators and other language professionals.

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