Role Of Blogging To Improve Public Relations For Business

Your standard public relations exercises are not finding the right clients for you. The media does not get your news stories and your blog is ignored. Your public relations time, efforts, and money appears to be of little help. Your clients do not consider you a person, however just as another business among numerous existing ones.

Is there some other approach to get the organization message out the media, to your business partners, and to the overall population?

It is time to start blogging.

Beginning a blog and updating it with regular posts, can positively affect your organization’s brand image in general public. By composing customized posts into the blog, your audience will get a feeling that there are genuine individuals in the organization. That will help your business get a real face and people will have a real individual they can look up to when needed.

As you, and maybe others in the business, write on different topics inside the organization, you will build up a relationship with your crowd. Many will end up becoming regular readers, and will promote your blog to their friends and business partners. As a reward, some of the individuals who bookmark your site will be faithful clients too.

For the media, your blog is a steady source that has a potential of generating new stories regularly. Different journalists will at times discover strong news “angles” from your posts. Where you never thought an intriguing story existed, the journalist can recognize a pearl. Because of your blogging endeavours, your business can turn into the topic of some extraordinary press coverage.

Having journalists get news ideas from your posts helps you get free publicity. This helps your company get coverage and the blog post to become a trustworthy source of information for others. Individuals tend, as anyone might expect, to put more trust on media coverage than on paid ads. Feature in the local newspaper, or on the evening news, is free publicity that money cannot purchase!

Obviously, to get your blog posts transformed into news articles, you have to work with your blog, and be patient and relentless. It requires time to increase your audience base.

You need to keep your blog refreshed routinely. I prescribe posting new articles every day to increase your audience base. A few exceptions to this rule are OK but not too many otherwise slip-ups may occur.

Some people cannot help contradicting me on posting recurrence. Naturally, one individual blogger can be exhausted and disoriented quickly due to the workload. Thus, the quality of content may reduce, and readership will drop. To avoid “blogging tiredness”, maybe a blogging group can be made to share the content writing work. That way one can overcome blogging tiredness and at the same time, content quality remains up to the mark.

Regardless, your business blog is capable of providing news stories to the media. Your blogging endeavours can likewise enable your normal clients to feel closeness to you and to your business as well.

Those positives help your organization build good business relationships with customers. It also helps you feel good as an individual.

There can be nothing better than this!

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  • I loved this blog post.

    Yes, blogging creates a relationship between you and your audience that feels personal.

    It is like you know the blogger even though you have never met him or her.

    This makes people trust you and your brand.

    There is nothing that is more important in a business than trust.

    Take for example the trust that people have in apple and its products.

    If one day it happened that these people just all of a sudden stopped trusting apple, where would apple be?

    It would die an immediate death.

  • Hello Neha,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    Indeed its not just about creating content and delivering best products to the people out there, if we want to last long
    in the game then we need to establish a good and healthy relations with our customers.

    To provide them with customer service every time they need and responding to their quaries quickly makes them feel speacial and
    this kind of act will help them to stick with us for the long time.

    Making them feel special with offering them gift hampers, discount vouchers is also effective in establishing good relationship
    with them.

    Thanks for the share.


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