What Are The Benefits Of Questions Post?

Asking a question to your readers is very important part of being a blogger. It is also important to understand the needs of your readers. Ask your readers a question to find out what they think about you.

Why You Should Ask Questions To Your Readers?

Asking readers questions is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog here, top reasons are listed below:

1. It gives readers a sense of belonging and togetherness: there is nothing like coming to a blog where reader’s interaction is encouraged; it is like coming to a place where everyone cares for everyone and is open to everyone.

2. It increases Blog Glue: readers are more likely to come back and participate in the discussion providing their valuable feedback on a particular topic.

3. Question posts are easy to write and have high engagement value.

4. Question posts are help you find out the orientation of your readers regarding a particular topic. This will help you plan your future posts in a better way.

5. Feedback from readers can help you generate topics for future posts.

6. They give you possibilities to write elaborative posts while taking feedback from readers and summarizing them for your readers.

7. Questions that are asked by people frequently in Google will help you rank better if they are liked and linked by others.

8. It is easy to generate back links for your blogs when other bloggers continue discussion about the questions asked in your blog posts on their blog.

9. It opens up the door of interaction with the readers leaving a comment on your blog. You can either respond to the comment directly on your blog or send a personal email regarding your response to the query raised by the readers. For new bloggers, it is a blessing. It will help spread the word about the blog to others if the conversation on your blog takes off.

10. Feedback from readers can be elaborated and used as posts. You can promote the comments made by readers on your blog and add your own perspective to it. Thus you can build a new posts from the feedback received on your questions post.

Because of the fear of lack of feedback, some bloggers do not write question posts very often. Although lack of any feedback on the questions post is disheartening for a blogger, you can add your own point of view while answering the question asked so that you will have some sort of starting point for creating interest and starting a conversation on your blog. Very few people leave feedback / comments on a blog and hence a blogger should not be disheartened by the lack of feedback to this questions post.

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