What Is Invalid Activity? How To Avoid Getting Banned From AdSense?

An awesome aspect about the internet is that it offers incredible opportunities to make money online. Regardless of where you live, as long as you have internet connection you can make money online. This money can free you from the everyday routine of a 9 to 5 work, enable you to travel, enjoy holidays, and spend time with your loved ones. It is easy to start making money online with little or no investment at all.

There are many ways to make money online but when it comes to ROI for your time, AdSense is simply better than any other methods available to public. AdSense is an advertising platform from Google where website owners display advertisements on their website and make money online for valid clicks generated on the ads. A site with 1000 visitors daily can make about $20-$25 if it is attracting valid traffic and optimized properly. On the other hand, if your do not optimize ad placement and traffic sources are poor, the daily earnings can drop down considerably. This blog is helping me make similar amount of money currently. Please take a look at my CTR, RPM and CPC values.

There are two types on earnings displayed on your AdSense account: Estimated earnings and Final earnings. Estimated earnings are updated real time and every day while Final earnings are calculated and displayed at the end of the month. Estimated earnings are only estimate gross earnings and include revenue from all the sources (valid / invalid). Final earnings on the other hand include legitimate earnings that Google will pay you for the valid visitor activity on your site. On an average, Google AdSense publishers are losing between 10%-20% of their monthly revenue due to invalid activity.

Understanding invalid activity and preventing invalid traffic
Invalid traffic incorporates any clicks or impressions that may falsely blow up an advertiser’s expenses or a publisher’s income. Invalid traffic covers purposefully false traffic and additionally unplanned clicks. This includes:

• Clicks or impressions created by publishers clicking their own live ads.

• Repeated advertisement clicks or impressions produced by at least one users.

• Publishers rewarding visitors for clicking on the advertisements voluntarily.

• Placing the advertisements on the page where accidental ad clicks can occur.

• Using automated tools or software for clicking on the ads and increasing page views.

• Using cheap traffic sources to increase the page views.

• Using traffic exchanges to generate page views for the website.

• Clicks generated by visitors using proxies to change their IP and location.

Clicks on Google ads are valid only when the visitor is genuinely interested in the ad and visits the advertisement site for significant time duration. It is normal to have a CTR of up to 5% on site running Google ads. A CTR rate of more than 10% will raise a flag and results in temporary suspension of ads for 30 days on your website. If Google finds out more problems in your AdSense account during the suspension period, it may result in permanent ban before the suspension period is over. In the event that Google observes abnormal amounts of invalid traffic, there will be a difference between estimated and finalized earnings. Google uses both automated and manual methods to determine invalid traffic that may affect the interest of their advertisers. There are three stages where Google removes invalid traffic activity on your website.

1. Real time filtering
If you login to your AdSense account multiple times a day, you may observe reductions in clicks and earnings as compared to earlier. This happens because Google automatically removes invalid clicks and impressions from your performance reports in real time. One can observe this phenomenon in accounts having low traffic or high number of invalid clicks.

2. Earnings removed during finalization process
Google finalizes the estimated earnings at the end of the month taking into account invalid clicks and delayed reporting. Once verified you can find revenue on “Transactions” page and reflects final earnings for valid site activity. Google performs deductions at this stage and refunds revenue to the advertisers.

3. Deductions within 60 days of the payment
In rare cases, Google makes deductions after sending payments to the publishers. In this case, the balance in your account becomes negative but you do not need to send any payment to Google. Google adjusts the balance from your earnings in the following month.

How to prevent invalid traffic activity on your website?
AdSense publishers are responsible for driving traffic to their website and following the program policies. Some tips to prevent invalid traffic are as follows:

1. Use Google Analytics
You can use Google Analytics to understand the traffic sources for your website. Look for any suspicious activity like users staying on your blog for abnormal time duration. You can disable ads for locations that are sources for suspicious activity.

2. Avoid cheap advertising sources
Avoid sources that are offering cheap traffic as they may increase the invalid activity on your website. Quality of traffic is very important in order to become a trusted publisher in AdSense network.

3. Do not provide AdSense code to third party
Use your AdSense publisher ID and code only on white listed websites in order to prevent invalid activity on your website. Adding codes on fraud websites can result in immediate ban of your AdSense account.

4. Use plugins to prevent invalid clicks and impressions
There are several plugins to protect AdSense from invalid clicks. If you have a WordPress blog, you can search Google for Best WordPress plugins to protect AdSense. This will reduce invalid activity and prevent click bombing to protect your AdSense account.

What is a valid click as per AdSense?
Google considers a click as valid when a visitor clicks on CPC ad and visits the advertiser’s website for significant time duration (usually more than 30 seconds) and scrolls at least 50% of the page. If someone clicks on the ad by error, he/she may leave the advertiser website in less than 10 seconds after clicking the ad. Thus, Google considers all the ad clicks visits for less than 10 seconds invalid. Clicks on CPM (Cost Per 1000 Ad Impressions) ads do not generate any revenue for the publisher; however, under special circumstances if the CPM ad is associated with a CPA (Cost Per Action) ad it can improve revenue for the publisher.

AdSense is a very good option to make money online. It is the best opportunity to make money online for everyone. You need to make sure that you read and follow all the program policies before installing AdSense code on your website. Protect your account from invalid activity by using tools available at your disposal. It is the best way to earn residual income and become financially independent for people located anywhere in the world.

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