What To Do When You Are Bored As A Blogger?

You have been composing blog posts daily for some time now. Every day you compose a new post and hope to help your readers. You are struggling to find ideas for new posts. You are considering the thoughts of quitting blogging and doing something else.

It is time to stop and think what you are doing with your blog.

What is your motivation factor to continue blogging?
You are trying to build and keep up good relationship with your present and future clients. They need to get updates from you. Regardless of what you think, you and your business are important to them. Else, for what reason would they read your blog?

Because you have composed, about developing and expanding business ideas before in your blog, does not imply that everybody has read it. New readers will arrive at your site each day. Those new guests have never read your stories of how you build business and issues faced by you before. Your thoughts and posts are new for them.

Search for new ideas and rewrite your old blog posts. Search for various ways to deal with the story your blog post is trying to convey. Developing business can incorporate articles on how to set up your business, various options available, different opportunities like free and paid, success rate, etc.

Look at what I simply did with only one point of developing business. You can build multiple posts by taking adopting the central idea of your blog. Still, at the end of the day, I only touched a small portion of the topic. You can surely discover numerous more points, in your particular region of business, by doing likewise.

The more valuable content you post on your blog, the more reason there is for readers to like and visit your webpage again. Transform your blog into a “must read” daily source of news. To be effective at blogging, you must post regularly. They do not need to be all your own posts either.

Do not hesitate to link to different blogs and sites that are useful to your readers. Overall, bloggers link to useful content on other websites on a regular basis. Your regular readers will appreciate you, for discovering useful information for them from other websites. Rather than going somewhere else for information, your clients will come back to your website, as their preferred source for news and thoughts.

If you are hesitant of writing blog posts on joys and sorrows of being an Amazon Affiliate partner; then do no. Write on how much fun you had writing about your favorite topic like Google AdSense, link building, etc. Introduce enjoyment into the blog. Describe your readers regarding how you met a local actor who is a regular reader of your blog and appreciated your work. Your readers will share your moments of fun and pride.

If that was not already enough for your daily updated blog, your site will rank higher in search results. Google’s spider will visit your site daily. As you post more, you can watch your site move ever higher on the search results, for your targeted keywords. That implies much more potential clients will discover your business products.

As you keep on writing daily, you are setting up yourself as a trusted information source in your industry. Your clients, old and new, will listen to your thoughts. They would seek your help, from your blog, or directly.

While they are doing this, it increases your chances of selling them your products and services.

There is nothing boring when you can see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Good one over here 🙂

    Indeed sometimes, sitting all day in front of our computer, thinking about ways to grow our blog, and craving new ideas
    can be super stressful sometimes. It feel like just shut down our computer and go away for a walk or drive to get a
    freshen start up again or some do feel like this is the last day of blogging.

    Its good to find some new ideas to add up the booster in our blogging skills. Keep on doing the same thing every day for
    hours and hours can make us bored out of anything we do, so its better to spice it up

    Thanks for the share.


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