What To Do When You Are Short Of Ideas For A New Post?

What to do when you run out of ideas? How to get inspiration for the new blog post? All of us face writers block at some point of time in our blogging career. You want to write but do not know what to write and where to get the ideas from? You can do the following to overcome writer’s block quickly and start writing once again.

Check the comments to your Blog
Whenever I am stuck and I cannot find the ideas for my new post, I try to read the comments made on my Blog. I get many interesting ideas and suggestions for my new post. The readers are of great help to a blogger. Without readers commenting on a blog, any blog would be incomplete.

Checking out other blogs in your niche
With millions of blog going around on the Internet, I am sure it makes you no harm when you go out and check a few of them out there. While you cannot check all the blogs, but make it a habit to check the blogs in your community or the Blogs of the readers who have commented on your blog. You should make it a habit of trying to inject your views on the topic you Blog about. Sometimes you may come across a story that deserves an entire post dedicated to it instead of just a forum thread. Injecting your views on the topic will definitely help. Just giving a small excerpt and suggesting your readers to go and read the full story from somewhere else may not go down well with your readers. You may even lose some of your loyal readers if you continually do it.

Present your old post as a new one by adding more content to it
If you have a blog with more than hundreds of posts, then you can try searching in your archives to check whether there is any post that needs update. Update that post and present it as a new one. Some lazy bloggers with large number of posts just dig into their archives and bring any post they feel like requires attention and present it as a new one. Chances are that most of your readers may not even realize it as only 1/3rd of your readers read your entire post. However, my suggestion is that update your old post and bring it to your front page and link it to your old post. By doing this you achieve two goals i.e. add new content and bring traffic to your old post as well.

Check your email for queries or suggestions
As you know, most of the readers interact with the author by commenting on their blogs. However, some readers may have a query and may not want to make it public. Instead, they email the blogs author for getting their answer. Instead of replying to the person, it is nice if you put your answer to the question on the blog because there may be other readers who may have the same query in the mind. Therefore, it is better to address all the queries in public rather than in private.

Go to YouTube
When all the steps that suggested above does not work well for you, you may go to YouTube or any other similar site to find a video which you think may be of great help to your audience and post it on your blog. Do not forget to paste your own views, ideas, comments or thoughts about the video. Some blogs only have YouTube videos posted on their blogs but still are very popular among their audiences.

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  • These are great ideas! never thought of using an old post as new by just adding more info i usually try to promote an old post just as it is.. i do not get lots of comments on my blog yet so i do not have that many suggestions hoping that changes soon

  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Indeed sometimes blogging can be pretty tough thing to do. Sometimes things go messy sometimes, the streams go dry up and
    the ideas goes out. Its pretty hard to find some good bloggings ideas for our niche. I love to read magazines, they contains
    some pretty good ideas in it.

    These are some plenty good ideas over here.

    Thanks for the share.


  • This post is something bloggers experience constantly. I try to brain storm ideas and think of my blog as Cosmo magazine… What type of things would the modern woman want to talk to her friends about? What’s trending right now? What do I wish someone told me about? And I usually come up with a list of ideas from that.

  • Great ideas. I love the idea of revisiting the comments as well as old posts. Thanks for the tips.

  • Quora too should be featured here. It’s an awesome idea generation platform

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