Why Commenting Is Good For Bloggers?

Leaving comments on other blogs is good way to get the attention of the blog owner, as well the attention of other blog readers towards your blog. You do not have to comment many times on the same blog; only one comment is enough to catch the attention of the readers towards you and your blog.

Here are some of the techniques that will come handy and help you bring more traffic to your blog.

1. Always be the first one to comment on A Blog

If you need traffic to your blog, then be the first one to comment on a post. Readers rarely read comments which are not in the top ten, so the chances of getting traffic to your blog is reduced if your comment is not in the first ten and very near to the bottom of the post. The resulting traffic is much more than resulting from submitting a blog post that failed to feature on the front page of a social networking website. However, use this technique only to blogs that match your niche or you will end up spamming the blog.

2. Follow Top blogs for new posts

Join top blog directories. Each blog directory has a list of Top blogs on the Internet. Go after the blogs that are in Top 100. These blogs get huge traffic every day and all have comment system. Do not try to spam these blogs. Just be among the top 10 commenter’s for the latest post. It is nice if you select a blog in your niche to comment on. Make sure that your comment is good enough and provoking to compel visitors to check out your blog.
Another trick you can use is to send a track back, because track backs get priority over comments in the order of display.

3. Comment on blogs that display top commenter’s list

It is very nice way to reward the readers for their contributions on your blog. If you are actively providing input to a blog, you should get something in return. The Top Commenter’s list is a way to reward bloggers who are helping to keep your community active.

4. Comment on new Blogs

If you comment on the same blog every day, you will see the same crowd coming to your blog. Try posting comments on new blogs every day, this exposes you to a completely new world with unique ideas, a very different perspective of looking at things.

5. Comment more and more

This is a habit rarely exhibited by most of the bloggers; make sure that you visit blogs and comment on them. Set a goal to comment on more blogs than you did yesterday and you will realize that there is so much more in this world than you had ever thought.

Last but not the least

Do your bit for the blogosphere community without expecting too much in return and you would get much more than you have ever wished for

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  • Commenting on other blogs is certainly helpful as long as you’re writing valuable comments. Comments such as: “Great tips!” or “Thanks for posting” are not much help to anyone.

  • I agree that commenting is great, but it should be something relevant to the article that demonstrates you actually read the article. I also comment on blogs that fall into my niche since those are the readers that would enjoy my blog as well.

  • Yeah that’s very true. Commenting on other websites helps every blogger’s to stay connected. I belief that what blogging means. Very well written post.

  • I agree with you. I commented on a blog post a few days ago and saw traffic coming in from that blog through the link I dropped. It was cool to see that. Also, leaving a meaningful comment shows that you actually read and understood the blog post. I posted a blog “A Letter To My Future Children” which was literally just a letter and the featured pic was a pic of a baby room and this guy commented “Cool tips, its good to start decorating from now” and I was like, “Whaaaat”. Anyways, I loved these tips, Thanks for sharing

  • As a blogger, I really need to get better at commenting on others posts — great post

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