Why It Is Important To Be Aware Of Your Niche Updates?

As a blogger, it is important to know what is happening in your niche, as it is to be creative and come up with something new of your own.

While writing should be an activity that you should focus on primarily. However, as a blogger other things need your due consideration. You may need to do a fair bit of reading and interaction with other readers in your niche. Watching what other blogger in your niche are doing or writing about can definitely help you keep pace and updated with latest news in your niche.

Reasons to keep yourself about latest news and updates in your niche

1. Ideas for new posts
This is one of the main challenges faced by bloggers. Ever found yourself running out of ideas for new posts. Successful bloggers always keep themselves updated about what others are writing in their niche. This not only helps them get ideas for their posts but also add freshness to their blog. Although one should avoid writing posts on current topics, but there are certain situations when writing such posts would help your blog in the end. Good bloggers write timeless posts but they sometimes do not hesitate to write posts on current topics as well which might bring about a significant increase in traffic for a short period.

2. Being aware at all times
This is more relevant for some niches especially ones dedicated to news and current events but sometimes can do wonders for others as well. As a reader, I am always looking for latest news and happenings in every field. If I visit a blog which is does not contain latest news, it might give me a bad impression about the blogger. This will tell me that either writer is out of touch or lazy enough to not write about it.

3. Promoting yourself as an expert and boosting your reputation
If you can continuously keep your blog updated about latest news and happenings in your niche, then eventually you will become an expert in your niche. There are many internet marketers making millions online because they could keep pace with the latest developments in their field. Providing references to useful content on the internet can help boost your online reputation as a respectable blogger.

4. Social Networking
Following what others are talking about on social networks enables you to receive alerts about issues relevant to your niche and take advantage of it. It can help you get notice of others, if you regularly link or tweet about them on social media.

5. Managing your reputation.
It is very important to know what others are talking about you. It is very important to build trust online and maintain it. It helps you build good relationships with people who are talking positive about you and your business. Equally, it will help you to eliminate any negative talk that may be harmful for you and your company.

What to do as a blogger?

Set Up multiple alerts in your niche.

1. Twitter Alerts
Similar to Google alerts there are certain Twitter tools that help you keep up to date with tweets mentioning the targeted keywords. This will help you quickly find out latest news and tweet about it.

2. RSS Reader and Google news
Google news will give you all the instances of keywords mentioned in news, videos, web or Groups. This can help you join groups of your choice and develop network with influential people. Also subscribing to RSS feeds will provide ease to access latest posts of your favourite blog all at one place.

Types Of alerts that you can set up

1. Target keywords from your industry.
These are keywords which are relevant to niche in which are blogging. For example if your blog is concentrated on giving tips to make money online, then you must monitor “make money online” and other related keywords. They key point here is to set up alerts that deliver only relevant results and do not bombard with you with junk suggestions. It is important to choose a very reliable service in this case.

2. Specific Alerts.
These are keywords relevant to only you and your blog. It may include your name, URL, products you are promoting, etc. It will help you to know about your popularity across the Internet.

How to go about the task?
1. Prepare a list of all the keywords that are relevant to your blog and niche. (These words would help you bring in good amount of organic traffic to your blog).

2. Once you have prepared the list of all the keywords, you might want to use an alert tool to monitor the mentions of them on the Internet.

3. Monitor the results and try to link to sites providing relevant and quality information on that topic.

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