Why It Is Necessary To Analyze Referral Logs?

Your visitor counter logs give significant bits of knowledge, into how well your blog is getting along, in attracting and maintaining traffic. Regardless of whether you utilize a free counter or a paid form, their numbers and insights are essential. By closely looking at the results gave by your visitor counter, you can discover how effective your promotion methods are for generating traffic.

On the main page of your counter results is the raw data. One set of numbers is the total number of visitors for that day. That total consists of two segments. One is the returning visitors. The other number speaks about the first time blog visitors.

The returning total (frequently marked as reloads) is important to track throughout the month and after that every month against another. By maintaining an increasing number of returning visitors, you guarantee that you are giving best quality content that makes them return. In the case that your numbers are falling, you have to begin including more fresh and useful content, or risk losing your traffic altogether.

The new visitor numbers are the new traffic, your attention and special activities have pulled in to your blog. You should check how they landed at your site, in the immensely essential referral logs.

If the traffic is coming from a search engine page, tap on that page and find the keywords they entered to discover you. You will need to utilize those picked keywords significantly more in future articles. Consistent utilization of searched keywords, will keep your blog high in the search engine rankings for those terms. The most popular keywords for your blog may even be ones you minimum anticipated.

If the visitors came from another site, check the link to that site. Discover why your new visitors read that site or blog. Maybe some of your content can upgrade or supplement what others offer. If you are not getting any referrals from different websites, you have to implement link trade strategy. You will not know any of those things without reading your referral logs.

Another segment of the visitor logs to analyse is Geography. Are your visitors nearby, national, or worldwide? You need every one of the three sorts of visitors. If you are not getting any of the three, you have to include some content that will speak to that group of people. Place that new content on your blog alongside your normal content. You will likewise need to discover sites to connect with, that enjoy the focused on traffic you are missing.

A regularly neglected segment of the visitor logs is Technology. In the event that you get the main part of your traffic from visitors utilizing one kind of browser, verify whether your blog stacks neatly in every single other browser. Regularly Google Chrome is the most prominent browser; however check Netscape, Opera and Mozilla to check whether they stack your blog well as well. If not, you have to make a few changes.

If you run a blog with large number of photograph and graphics, check the screen size of your visitors. If they require a high screen resolution to see your photographs, without that irritating side-to-side scrolling, it is an ideal opportunity to re-examine the size of your photographs. You would prefer not to lose potential visitors to the inconvenience that is easy to address.

There is a gold mine of important data in your visitor logs. Utilize it to assist furnish your visitors with the most ideal blog you can make.

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  • Great points about checking screen size & browser when looking at your visitors!

  • Awesome post! So many great recommendations in here. Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Hello Neha,

    Great informative post over here 🙂

    Its very important for a blogger to maintain their referral log and check out how many people are visiting them, so that
    they can know what work they are doing is making them move forward and also what things they need to add up to spice their
    things up, so that they can have more elegant situation.

    We need to manage the things which can help our visitors to scroll on our sites easily without any problem. If they face
    any kind of difficulties in flying around our web site they are never turning back.

    Thanks for the tips to share.


  • Hi Shantanu,

    Thank you for the inputs. It is necessary to have a simple and informative website for users. Analyzing the likes and dislikes of users will help you shape a great website. At the end of the day you need to add value to the readers through your blog.

  • these small things makes huge difference …it is necessary if we follow it properly !

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